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Cassandra the Beauty!

Cassandra visited our Brooklyn location for her Christmas studio newborn photography session. She was truly a photographer’s dream to photograph. She’s such a snuggle bug, she slept through her entire session. What a little trooper! This made it easy to get all the wonderful shots we got. I’m so glad we were able to achieve so many gorgeous shots and setups. From the all-white set, to the sleigh set up, and all-pink set up- all these looked absolutely beautiful! A big thank you to Cassandra and her amazing parents, I hope to see you all again soon!

How This Session Ran So Smoothly

A session runs so smoothly when parents are relaxed and comfortable. This is a key element I take pride in for my studios. When you’re relaxed, so are your kids and babies which makes them even easier to photograph. When everyone’s easier to photograph, the more poses, sets, and great photos we are able to get. While Cassandra slept through the session which may be harder for us parents or older kids, a nice treat and keeping a relaxed attitude does just the same. Relaxation and comfort are so important, especially for the holidays so, come join Picture Perfect NY for a great session! We love what we do so another thank you to Cassandra and her parents. Just take a look at a few photographs from Cassandra’s amazing session below! Happy holidays!

Quote of the Session

It’s the little things that make life worth living,
It’s the little things that help us make it through.
I never knew how true those words were,
Until I first set my eyes on you.
–Ashley Rae Barne

Cassandra sleeping during Christmas studio session on all-white set

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