Baby Ethan Newborn Photography Brooklyn NY


Baby Ethan Newborn Photography Brooklyn NY

Baby Ethan was came to the studio for his newborn photography session, and he was perfect in every way! I was able to go through my workflow with him in a breeze. Ethan was such a great sleeper.  Every image I captured was better than the next, I had such a hard time choosing images for his preview. Ethan had the most amazing head of hair and cutest lips. One of my favorite shots of him is on the moon. Lately its one of our most requested props and whats great about it is that its unisex 🙂 We have different packages available but I love when parents choose to have a combination of both simplicity and prop. This way there is a bit of variety and character in their session.

A lot of the time when parents contact me they ask if they can bring their own props or incorporate a family pet or dads jersey. My answer is Of course! This is what custom photography is all about! Newborn photography is an art and these image we are creating for you are images you are going to treasure for a lifetime. They have meaning and sentiment! Sometimes parents don’t have any ideas of what they want and let me get creative on my own and choose all the colors and props for them which is fine too! I will still ask questions like what color is the nursery to make it personal or is there a color they don’t like. Most of the time there is a lot of planning in advance for a session and even before parents arrive to the studio for their session. Its a very special time in new families life and the session should be a very special one.

Newborn Photography Brooklyn NYNewborn Photography Brooklyn NYNewborn Photography Brooklyn NYNewborn Photography Brooklyn NYNewborn Photography Brooklyn NYNewborn Photography Brooklyn NY


If ever you are looking for a Brooklyn NY newborn photographer to capture this special time in your life its never to early to book your session so you are guaranteed an appointment to slot once baby arrives.  Send us a message or give us a call at 347-987-0394 and we will be more than happy to send you a packet with our packages and newborn information.