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The trend continues for New York City cake smash photography in the big apple! Picture Perfect NY, a portrait studio located in the borough of Brooklyn, New York City, has recently been visited by Nasir. Before I’ll continue talking about Nasir, I’d like to describe how our sessions are put together.

Parent(s) reach out to us with a session in mind, six months baby girl, or first birthday baby boy, for example. We then discuss the themes and outfits parents have for their little ones; schedule the optimal day/time and prepare from our end. On the day of the session, we put every together: the background scenes, accessories, the custom cake and ready to photograph. Sometimes, parents want to know specifically how the theme will look, however, as inspiration sets in during the setup, nearly every smash cake, for example, my look similar but actually is different.

When Nasir’s mom reached out to us, we originally planned a nautical theme. Over the years we have done ‘nautical” and have been very successful, this was planned to be another example of it. However, this time, the last minute (a days before) theme was changed.

There are numerous reasons why change would happen: most often being outfit didn’t arrive or cake isn’t available. In the case of Nasir, it was the availability of the custom, nautical-themed, cake. Before becoming primarily studio photographers, we used to be primarily event photographers; which means working in environments that is usually unfamiliar, thinking on the feet continuously, improvising on the spot, fast paced, snooze/loose environments. It really payed off to have this background because improvising is what we did.

Being a New Yorker, Nasir’s One Year Old memories will forever be of the Big Apple, New York City. We really liked the way the Nasir’s smash cake theme worked out, mom like it and most of all, Nasir liked it – at least that’s what it seemed like.

New York City cake Smash photographer

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Nasir’s father is a member of US Armed Forces, to be specifically, NAVY. Unfortunately, he wasn’t present at the session, as his duties to the uniform precluded him from being with is family and celebrating this momentous occasion. We would like to take this opportunity and thank him for his sacrifices, his continues service to his Family and to his County!

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