NYC Family Newborn Photographer East Coast Meets West Coast


 NYC Family Newborn Photographer East Coast meets West Coast

Los York  New Angeles


NYC Family Newborn Photographer captures east coast meets west coast!  As technology and sciences advance and bring us closer together, the geographic distances, once seemed impossible to conquer are becoming less and less significant. This creates a global village. In this village, two special people from Los Angeles and New York City came together and created Los York, New Angeles. Ladies and Gentlemen, weighing in nine pounds and one ounce, meet Zayden.  Zayden came into our New York portrait studio when he was fourteen days new. His parents were both excited and nervous and were looking forward to the newborn session. They realized that the original package they chose, would not be sufficient for them and upgraded to the highest newborn package we have available, the Royal Baby. His parents had quite the story when they asked us if they can use “these T-shirts for the session”. So there you have it every picture has a story, and that is our belief. This little guy figured he has a plan of his own. It is an interesting phenomenon that nearly every newborn photographer comes across, little babies have a mind of their own even at a such young age. Luckily for us, we also had a plan, and our plan was to deliver a gorgeous gallery to his parents, to deliver them beautiful everlasting memories. After some negotiations with Zayden, we went to work. The gallery below is some of our favorite images.


 NYC Family Newborn Photographer

After Zayden decided he was too tired to argue with us, he went t sleep. Above is one of the first pictures we captured. I happen to love this image for its simplicity and of course his facial expression says it all “don’t bother me, I’m sleeping”.

In our NYC portrait studio, we have variety of outfits, accessories and props for our younger guests and below is an example of some of them.

baby photography long island

We changed him into this outfit, he wasn’t even in the mood to answer anything back. I think in his mind he was thinking “Lady, you can dress me up but don’t wake me up”.

Newborn Photographers are breed of photographers who look for very specific timeless props. Below is an example of one. baby photography long island

Our portrait studio is blessed with variety of props. Our goal is provide something for the client, something special and timeless, that they cannot get on their own. The image above, the cool dude, is an example of contemporary twist on classical style.

Being from New York City, Zayden made sure that we all know that and did so IN STYLE.

NYC Family Newborn Photographer

Zayden decided that baseball alone isn’t enough and added acrobatics to his routine

NYC Family Newborn Photographer

The image above is set as such that baby’s safety is number one priority. It is a frequently requested pose but not every baby wants to do it. As we often tell parents, we will attempt several times but if the baby doesn’t want to do we are going to have to move on with the session as to not to loose time and other poses.

NYC Family Newborn Photographer

Zayden is a true New Yorker. After he ate, slept and worked out, he can finally relax and listen to some music.

Being in the photography field for close to two decades, we photographed many families. Being a parent on the other hand, the intrinsic value of the family pictures is increased ten fold. The following few pictures were some of the favorite from the family set.

affordable newborn photography nycaffordable newborn photography nyc

The two images above speak to me. The bond, the connection that we see is unbreakable.

One of my favorite family images from this session the last shot.  What do you get when Los Angeles and New York come together?

NYC Family Newborn Photographer

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