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Brooklyn NY Newborn Photographer
This adorable 6 week old can’t be wrapped like a newborn, but fits the winter sled quite well!

At Picture Perfect NY, we love to take pictures of your newborn baby!

While we generally request that the newborn is between 8 and 14 days old, we photograph babies up to 6 weeks. However, depending on the age of the baby, the sessions could be very different from what you might imagine them to be.

Brooklyn NY Newborn Photographer
This is an example of a 6 week old newborn session. Notice how we can still use props, but we can’t squeeze the babies into newborn posing.

Newborn babies who are 14 days old and younger typically pose for different types of photos than babies 4 weeks and older. This does not mean that the older babies are going to appear less photogenic in pictures than newborns. Rather, the pictures are just going to be different.

Many times, parents want their babies who are already 4 weeks old or older to attend sessions that will treat them like a newborn. The issue with this is that newborns and month-old babies tend to be behaviorally different from one another.

Brooklyn NY Newborn Photographer
Here is a newborn session with a baby under 14 days. Notice the difference in posing.

So what’s the difference?

Newborns under 14 days are generally easier to manage. They pose well in many different positions due to their flexibility. They also sleep a lot, so chances are the newborn will sleep the entirety of your session.

For breastfeeding moms, in order to ensure your newborn sleeps soundly through the session, we usually recommend babies 8 to 14 days old. During this period, the newborn has learned to breastfeed properly and will be able to sleep on a full tummy during the session.

Brooklyn NY Newborn Photographer
This newborn had no trouble sleeping during his session! Notice how his pose is much tighter than the babies at 4-6 weeks old.

Four-week-old babies, however, tend to react more to being shifted around into different positions. Due to them staying awake during most sessions, these babies make perfect models for pictures focusing on their various facial expressions.

While these are the general rules for most babies, there are exceptions to the rules. We just want you to understand how most shoots go based on age and hope to give you a better idea of when to schedule a newborn session for your beautiful newborn baby.

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Brooklyn NY Newborn Photographer
Babies over 14 days can fit in the moon too! Notice how the posing is a little different than the previous picture.


Brooklyn NY Newborn Photographer
This 4-6 week old mimics the look of a newborn shoot by using a blanket as a partial wrap.


Brooklyn NY Newborn Photographer
Props are good for newborns of all stages! Contact us today so we can create adorable images of your precious ones.