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Brooklyn Family Photographer
This gorgeous family poses in a beautiful fall backdrop for their yearly fall session!

The leaves are starting to turn colors, and pumpkin spice is in the air! What better time to do a family session here in beautiful New York?

Every year, Family Fall Sessions become a huge hit. Everyone loves the variety of colors we get to see during fall, the feeling of wearing boots and a sweater, and the warmth that Fall makes us feel.

Brooklyn Family Photographer

So let’s address everyone’s biggest question: What should we wear to our Fall Family Sessions?

As we know, the colors outside are absolutely gorgeous during this time. While we want to look at those beautiful changing leaves, we also want to make sure that we don’t lose you in the picture!

Dressing for fall family sessions are a little different from dressing for regular sessions, but not too much, so don’t worry.

Obviously, it will be a little bit cooler in temperature during your fall session, than say, a summer session.

Dress accordingly. Make sure you are comfortable. I absolutely love long flowy dresses, but sometimes they aren’t the warmest. There is nothing wrong with wearing cute boots, jeans, and a sweater.

Look at how this family below absolutely rocked a simple, Fall-ish outfit!

Brooklyn Family Photographer
This family absolutely rocks a cute and casual look!

For your color scheme in your session, you’re going to want to stick to neutrals and stay away from patterns. The leaves are already very bright, and we don’t want our eyes getting confused by seeing extra patterns. Patterns draw our eyes to the clothing, not your face, which isn’t what we want!

Remember to keep your outfits simple, but elegant. There isn’t anything wrong with jeans and a sweater, or dresses and more formal clothing. Just know that whatever you decide to wear to your session will reflect the feeling of your session.

Brooklyn Family Photographer
This gorgeous family plays in the fall leaves, creating a beautiful and bonding family picture.

If you dress formally, your pictures will look more elegant and formal. If you dress in jeans and sweater, than they will look more cozy, homey, and cute.

Finally, Why Book Fall Family Sessions?

Brooklyn Family Photographer
This family poses in front of a building for an alternative fall session look!

Fall Family Sessions give an exclusive opportunity- an absolutely gorgeous backdrop! With all of the gorgeous colors, your portraits are guaranteed to glow.

Family sessions are always important, especially if you have children. Our children grow up so quickly, and we don’t want to miss one moment of it!

Book your fall session today by contacting me here!

Brooklyn Family Photographer
This adorable family walks together through the beautiful fall leaves.