NYC Newborn-1 Year Portraits | Baby Amirah


Amirah’s Newborn Session

Baby Amirah and her parents first came to me shortly after her birth. At only a few days old, I had the privilege to photograph her and her little family.

During her newborn session, we took pictures of Baby Amirah soundly sleeping on a soft linen with pale pink lace wrapped around her.

NYC Newborn-1 Year Portraits
Baby Amirah sleeps soundly at her newborn session.

We also did a family portrait with this little family. This was an all-natural portrait, showing the strong love this family holds, while they embrace each other.

NYC Newborn-1 Year Portraits
Baby Amirah and her little family hold each other close.

Little did I know that this was not the only time I would be seeing baby Amirah in the next year.

Their family loved our newborn portraits so much that they decided to come back 4 more times that year! They took full advantage of our Newborn-1 Year Portraits package.

4 Month Portraits

The first session they did after their newborn session was at Amirah’s 4 month milestone.

NYC Newborn-1 Year Portraits
Amirah celebrates 4 months!

Amirah celebrated her four months with the same precious neutral colors as in her newborn session. With a quilted white bed, a fur rug, lace, and a big flower, Amirah glowed during this session.

6 Month Portraits

After a few more months, Amirah was back again! This time, it was for her 6 month photos.

NYC Newborn-1 Year Portraits
She’s 6 months old!

It just amazes me how much she grew in the two months between our last sessions! This session, she decided we would go bold.

With a flower striped background, a pop of teal in the chair, and her striped outfit to match, Amirah showed her precious style at 6 months old.

Newborn-1 Year Portraits
Amirah spends a day at the studio beach!

9 Month Portraits

For her 9 month session, Amirah decided to go to the beach! With sand at her feet, a ship in a bottle, and a relaxing white chair, she brought her bathing suit and prepared for some sun! Teal little starfish showered the flower as she relaxed in the scenery.

NYC Newborn-1 Year Portraits
Amirah turns One!

Newborn-1 Year Portraits

She’s One!

The last session in her Newborn-1 Year Portraits package was a cake smash! And smash the cake, she did! Amirah saw her gorgeous floral cake that matched her 6 month session and went for it!

What a great way to celebrate 1 year of life.

We hope that you enjoyed seeing Amirah progress through her first year. If you’d like to capture your baby’s first year, click here!