Pedal Car Session | Staten Island Baby Photographer


Staten Island Baby Photographer

During this families newborn session they signed up for the watch me grow package. Where we photograph the babies milestones. We started discussing future sessions and dad was saying that he liked muscle cars, he wasn’t lying.

Dad had bought his daughter her very own mini muscle car. This muscle car family bought a pedal car for their daughter and loved it so much, they decided to give me a call and ask me to take pictures with it.

As you all have seen many different areas of New York City I have photographed, this time I was a Staten Island Baby Photographer.

Staten Island Baby Photographer

For this special hot rod session, we decided we would go visit a park on Staten Island. This park was absolutely gorgeous and allowed us to overlook the Verrazano Narrows Bridge.

We journeyed to several places on Staten Island, including a green little nearby park. This park made perfect scenery and held such vibrant colors, as seen in the picture above.

Staten Island Baby Photographer

When we were headed out to our destination, the weather didn’t look so permitting. It threatened to rain that day, so we were very hesitant about doing our session.

However, it didn’t end up raining. Instead, the clouds created a gorgeous cover, which acted like a soft box. This lighting was fantastic for our session, creating absolutely gorgeous images!

Some images, like the one above, are a little bit darker. These darker images create a beautiful contrast from the areas we took pictures in that had bright green grass.

Staten Island Baby Photographer

To close out this hot rod session, of course we had to create a picture where smoke was coming out of her pedal car! Look at her go!

Overall, we created many images with her pink pedal car. She had a blast, and I sure did too. Dad now has his little bundle of joy posing with hot rods, to frame and put on the wall.

As a Staten Island Baby Photographer, I have many places I’d absolutely love to explore! We are have a studio and do have availability for outside sessions as well.