Nysah’s NYC Newborn Pictures



NYC Newborn Pictures


Nysah- A Beautiful and Rare Name

Nysah has a rare and absolutely beautiful name. She brought both beauty and grace into our NYC Newborn studio this past week.

You’re probably wondering what origin her name is derived. I know whenever I see a gorgeous and rare name, I always wonder what it means from that culture.

Nysah is a name derived from the Native American culture. Upon looking for a definition, many are given. Ranging from “a sign” to “the beginning,” this precious baby girl’s name means all things unique.

It is clear that this is in fact a beautiful beginning for this lucky family. I can’t get over how absolutely gorgeous this baby girl is.

NYC Newborn Pictures


Nysah’s Session

Her lovely family visited my studio here in Brooklyn, traveling from New York City.

This family traveled to come visit me in my NYC Newborn studio and have beautiful, timeless portraits made.

We used many different materials, including purples, ivories, and blues. We used a variety of headbands an outfits to make every image unique.

Above, Nysah is seen laying gently on a purple linen, free of wrinkles. She is sleeping soundly and ever so delicately propped into the froggy position, with her feet gently touching her arms. Though this would be very uncomfortable for us, it is not uncomfortable to newborns.

In contrast, our bodies are much more developed. Therefore, we are much less flexible. Since Nysah is a newborn, her bones are still developing. She is flexible, allowing us to do many different poses as seen throughout this blog article.

NYC Newborn Pictures

In this last image, Nysah lays gently wrapped up in her wrap. She wears a blue headband, matched by a blue wrap and backdrop. Throughout her session, she slept soundly and comfortably. Her silent and sleepy nature made the session go by quickly and easily.

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NYC Newborn Pictures