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NYC Children’s Photographer

As a NYC children’s photographer, I not only photograph newborns, I enjoy watching my newborns grow up! This session was actually a 9-month session, marking her growth over the past 9 months, from the newborn age.

When my client first came to me wanting a 9 month session, they were concerned with how the final product would turn out due to previous negative experiences at another portrait studio.

The other studio they had done pictures at had less variety in props and didn’t allow the parents to interact with the children during their session. At our studio, we understand that most children aren’t really picture perfect, and that’s perfectly fine! They love moving around, playing with toys, and having fun, but not sitting still.

NYC Children’s Photographer

At our NYC Children’s Photographer studio, we specialize in newborns and also young children. We love when parents interact with their kids and we absolutely love candid pictures too!

When it comes to scheduling your session, we want you to love absolutely every aspect. Our session are completely personal. You get to choose all of the props, the colors, and the outfits. For this 9 month girl session, we decided not to use typical pink backdrops or typical girly props.

Instead, we wanted to go for a more formal look, accenting a little bit of baby pink with black and white. Our little model wore black and white as well, nicely complimenting the backdrop we chose.

NYC Children’s Photographer

We actually chose a pastel backdrop as well, nicely contrasting the black and white floral backdrop. Our pastel backdrop features pinks and purples, as well as a princess castle in the background. We even added a crown into our session to complete the look of being an absolutely princess!

In closing, not every session has to be a typical session, colored with typical colors and themes. When a client suggests a unique theme or doesn’t want “the usual”, we create some magic!

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NYC Children’s Photographer