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Our Fall Session

As a NYC Maternity Photographer, I absolutely enjoy capturing the final moments before a new life is brought into the world.

Birth is such a miraculous and beautiful process. The love between two people that creates a wonderful human is a process that we will never be able to wrap our heads around.

This beautiful couple first came to me asking if we could do a fall session. They didn’t want a studio session, though. They wanted an outdoor session in the changing fall leaves.

I told them I could absolutely help them with this request, and we ventured out into Prospect Park. There, beautiful oranges, red, and yellows filled the trees.

Mom & Dad’s Outfits

To accent the colorful surroundings, mom and dad chose to wear neutral colors. Mom wore a baby blue color, while dad wore a very lightly colored blue shirt. The baby’s shoes were white and were fuzzy and warm.

NYC Maternity Photographer

As seen in the picture above, their outfits nicely contrasted with the vibrant background. Trees were bright green, and of course some were red, yellow, and orange. The fall leaves that had fallen to the ground were still bright red, orange, and even yellow.

We ventured through the park to various spots, allowing for many different poses and types of pictures. On site, there was an old building, as seen below. The building offered a rustic venue for a variety of different pictures.

NYC Maternity Photographer

In the black and white picture featured above, dad shows his love for mom as he holds her and gently kisses her shoulder. The building offers a different background, nicely contrasting the fall leaves in the park.

Maternity Sessions- Why Book Them?

As a NYC Maternity Photographer, I get the chance to capture many couples. Maternity sessions are so precious, as they show the start of a new journey. Remember these precious moments forever by capturing it through photography.

To book your maternity session, click here. I look forward to capture timeless memories!

NYC Maternity Photographer