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NYC Outdoor Maternity Session

Our DUMBO Maternity Session

Oh, the Brooklyn Bridge. It always offers an absolutely timeless view for photo sessions, as the bridge stands majestically in the background. It was a cold November evening when this was shot, but you could never tell from how well this gorgeous couple handled the cold.

They came to me, suggesting DUMBO park. I kindly warned them that it would be very cold this time of year. They obviously knew it would be and decided to do this session anyway. As an NYC native, this was a change of scenery that I very much was excited for!

The color schemes they chose for their outfits were neutral colors. Mom chose to wear a gorgeous white lace dress with sleeves and nude heels. Dad wore a dark grey shirt and light grey pants.

This color scheme made them blend perfectly into the scenery, as the white dress popped brightly against the dark cityscape in the background.

NYC Outdoor Maternity Session

For a change of scenery, we also walked in front of this graffiti brick wall, offering some urban touches to our session. The brick wall nicely made mom pop, showing off her gorgeous sleeved white dress and nude heels.

How to Plan for Your Maternity Session

Since this couple got through the cold day, here are a few things to think about when you are booking your session with us:

  1. Be ready for exploring: 

    Not all sessions are just hopping out of the car and walking 20 feet to your destination. I want you to be comfortable and know what you’re getting into. This momma wore heels and was comfortable doing so. If you’d like to wear heels but be comfortable exploring, bring flip flops to change out of!

  2. Dress accordingly: 

    Weather can get pretty cold in NYC and as an NYC Maternity Photographer, I always make sure my families are prepared. Dress in layers and bring a warm winter jacket. Then, you can easily take this off for pictures!

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NYC Outdoor Maternity SessionNYC Outdoor Maternity Session