Wonder Woman Cake Smash


Ella poses in front of her Wonder Woman cake smash session!Super Woman to the Rescue!

Baby Ella flew into our studio this past week to do a cake smash session of her very own!

With a Wonder Woman tutu all ready to go, her smile was glowing and her outfit was ready to be splattered with cake.

When I got news that Ella’s parents wanted to do a Wonder Woman cake smash, I was excited to say the least. However, I wasn’t the only one that was excited.

Ella’s parents were absolutely ready for this session. They had the tutu made just for us to use, and Ella wore that tutu so well! She looked like Wonder Woman herself. The top of her tutu was crocheted perfectly with red, stretchy yarn, while the bottom featured a blue tulle skirt. The skirt was even decorated with white stars and also featured Wonder Woman’s tool to fight evil- her lasso!

Wonder Woman Ella springs towards her custom cake!

Our Session Props

Our Wonder Woman cake smash featured many different props to help bring the story to life! From our cake, to our backdrop, to our floor, we made sure that everything jumped out like it was part of a comic book!

The backdrop for this session was made just for this session. I decided to create a backdrop of a skyline full of chaos, just as Wonder Woman would see before she flies her invisible plane to go fight evil. On the floor, we kept it a navy blue and decorated it with golden stars.

We added in comic book expressions, such as “POW!” “BANG!” and “KAPOW” to make this session pop out of a comic book! I created Ella’s name out of red and blue, decorated with this heroine’s logo to keep the focus on Miss Ella.


Ella enjoys a bath after her cake smash session!

Not-So Wonder Woman: The Second Half of Our Cake Smash

After this great heroine was done fighting her day full of bad guys, we decided to gear down with a session that had the complete opposite feeling of a superhero.

Ella decided to take a bath to wash over after her session! She washed off all of the cake and got to play with rubber duckies in a tub that fit her perfectly! How adorable can this session get?!

Thank you to Ella and Ella’s family for such a splendid cake smash session. I absolutely love the images we got to capture and can’t wait to work with you again!

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Ella laughs at the fun of her cake session!