A Candid Maternity Session


NYC Maternity Session

An Unexpected Visit

This mom and dad were actually not planning on getting maternity pictures done to celebrate their pregnancy. In fact, they almost went completely without.

Pregnancy is such a magical time. It’s the beginning of starting or adding a new addition to the family. It’s something that is special and so magical. Not everyone gets to experience the magic and making of such a strong bond between two people, but those that do, it’s important to capture that love.

As I said before, this couple actually wasn’t planning on getting pictures done. They hadn’t really thought about it and didn’t like the idea of getting professional pictures done to just sit and smile in front of the camera. One of their close friends convinced them to do pictures to capture this special time, so we captured something other than your regular posed picture.

NYC Maternity SessionPerfectly Candid

Did you know that there is actually a style of photograph that doesn’t involve standing in one place, posing, and smiling at the camera? This style is actually one that makes most of our male counterparts pretty relieved.

Most of us don’t really care for pictures where we just sit there and smile and don’t move. We worry about if our posing is okay, if our face looks weird when we smile, and if the angle is right.

Cue our candid maternity session. This session was just the opposite of what we just mentioned above. Candid pictures are actually a very popular style of picture that is being taken.

NYC Maternity Session

Candids are especially popular now, as many people realize the same emotion is not usually captured in posed pictures.

This mom and dad wanted just this. When they inquired to me, they stated that they really didn’t care for the perfectly posed pictures. I agreed with them. So, we came up with a plan to ensure that their session was unique. This involved not looking straight into the camera and showing the emotion they felt at the joy of their gift.

Not all pictures have to be perfectly posed. In fact, most of mine aren’t. As you scroll through the pages of my website, you’ll see that most of the pictures show children in their natural form- playing! If you’d like something like this candid maternity session instead of posed pictures, just let me know, and we’ll do just that!

I look forward to capturing your emotion soon.

Mom holds her tummy, looking down at her joyous new addition.NYC Maternity Session