Luna’s Space & Chinese New Year’s Cake Smash


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Our Out-of-this-World Cake Smash

I love whenever a client comes into the studio asking me to do a very unique session. I love everything from the brainstorming, to the setup and the final images that we create.

This is Luna. In case you aren’t familiar with the word “luna” this word comes from “lunar,” meaning “moon.” Luna’s dad is very into astronomy so they thought it would be a wonderful name for their beautiful little girl.

To celebrate their love of space, we decided a space cake smash would be perfect! So that’s exactly what we did.

nyc baby photography studio

I got the backdrop and the floor ready for our session by placing a solar system in the background and laying stars all over the floor. Planets circled Luna’s head and were even featured on the cake that we had for her. On top of the cake, there was a spaceship, looking ready to fly off the cake and into the backdrop. The spaceship was of course on top of the fondant moon, on a cake that showed the planets of the solar system.

This space cake smash was definitely out of this world, and I am so glad I got the opportunity to work with Ms. Luna and her parents. They were just in town for a visit but knew they wanted to get some pictures done of Luna and her NASA space suit. Everything came together so nicely!

nyc baby photography studio

A Chinese New Year Celebration

After our space cake smash, we decided to clean up and celebrate the upcoming holiday, Chinese New Year. For this part of the photo session, we changed the backdrop and the floor and decorated it with symbols of good luck, such as the orange. You’ll see various orange pieces throughout our photo set, along with red envelopes, which symbolize good fortune.

The little red envelopes were brought by Luna’s mother, and she told me that these envelopes are often given to children as presents during the time of Chinese New Year.

Luna got dressed up to match the theme, and we decorated the wall with cherry blossoms to bring the entire set together.

Overall, this session was a lot of fun, featuring space and the Chinese New Year, giving Luna and her parents a variety of images they can love forever. To create images you can love forever, contact me today and we can design your session!

nyc baby photography studio