25 Ideas for Push Gifts to Give After Labor


Push Gifts: What are they?

Push Gifts are all the rage right now. These are gifts that dads give to moms who have just delivered their baby, thus the term “push” (as in labor pushing) gifts.

After the strenuous task of labor, it’s nice to receive a gift saying, “Congratulations, you made it through! We’re so glad you and the baby are doing well.”

However, finding the perfect gift may be a little bit harder than it sounds. It’s kind of hard to know what to get someone after they just went through the intensive process of labor. Here are our top suggestions on great gifts to give after labor.

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#1. A newborn photography session or gift card

Moments are fleeting so you’ll want to remember those precious moments of their child while they’re brand new. Newborn pictures can capture that moment so that you can keep it forever. Inquire here for gift cards.

#2. Her favorite perfume

Perfume can be a fantastic gift for girls that love their smells!

#3. A Pendent

Pendents are a great way to mark special occasions. Get one with the baby’s name or birth-date on it, or even one that says how you feel about her.

#4. Music

Every birth needs good music!

#5. Concert tickets to her favorite band

Who can go wrong with visiting their favorite singer live?

#6. Organize a date

After having a baby, things can get hectic. Hire a sitter and organize a night out.

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#7. Flowers

If you just want to go simple but effective, get momma some flowers!

#8. A gift card

Make sure she has everything she needs. Sometimes mom time is lost in the joy of a newborn bundle of joy.

#9. A Card

Even something as simple as a note or heartfelt card will do the trick!

#10. Dinner

Bring mom to her favorite restaurant to celebrate your new babe.

#11. Tell her how beautiful she is!

This is pretty simple and should be done anyways, but after birth, women’s self-esteem can sink. Remind her how beautiful she is.

#12. A baby book

Get a baby book to keep track of the baby’s growth!

#13. Shopping spree

Moms lose track of themselves when kids come into the world. Take her out and spoil her with some new clothes or shoes!

#14. Write her a poem or song

Gifts can be material, but sentimental gifts are often the most treasured ones. Write about her in a poem or song. You don’t have to be a musician or poet to make this mean a lot to her.

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#15. Plan a vacation

Plan out a mini weekend vacation to somewhere you know she loves going, like to the lake, beach, or mountains!

#16. Do the chores

Mom will be busy recovering after she’s home, so ensure that you help out as much as you can.

#17. Nursery items

Notice the nursery missing something like maybe a wipe warmer, crib sheets, or a comfy chair? Surprise her with these new additions!

#18. A family ring

Growing up, my mom had a ring with all our birthstones. I always thought this was both beautiful and sentimental.

#19. A bumper sticker

Baby on board! Get mom a new bumper sticker for her ride. Did you know that those baby on board signs are actually for paramedic use in case of emergency?

#20. A personalized bracelet

Get the family names or a sentimental saying carved onto a new bracelet for mom.

#21. A jewelry charm

Maybe mom has a bracelet or necklace that has add-on charms. If so, get her one to celebrate the new babe!

#22. A new purse

Who doesn’t love a nice, new name brand purse?

#23. An Tech Watch or Tablet

If she doesn’t have something to take with her or do work on the go, she may need one now that she’s busy with a newborn!

#24. Chocolate

A girls’ best friend. Well, besides diamonds.

#25. Ask them what they need or want!

Why guess? Ask them what can help them most.


Here are our top 25 ideas for what to get your soulmate after they deliver your child. Have more ideas? Comment below to share with everyone!

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