Camping / Blue & White Themed One Year Cake Smash


nyc cake smash photography

Our Camping Adventure

What has red, black, and screams Lumberjack? Our awesome camping cake smash theme!

Decorated with red and black plaid, our tent, flags, and even our arrow, this set is to die for. Our backdrop we chose for this session features water-colored woods, among the midst of our wooden logs, lantern, tent, and little campfire.

When the parents brought me the idea of a campsite photo session, I was all for it. How cool is it to have pictures done among the woods without having to worry about the outdoor conditions? With the comfort of our NYC studio, you can bring the entire camping adventure indoors.

For this session, mom and dad decided to dress up their little one in jeans and a plaid shirt to match our camping theme. They even gave him cute little brown moccasins to wear.

But this cute little cake smash didn’t take up all of our time together. The second part of our birthday celebration consisted of a cake smash of course!

nyc cake smash photography

Our Blue & White Cake Smash

As all cake smashes start, the baby gets used to the cake and starts out fairly clean. For this blue and white cake smash, we decided on a very simple but cute layout. Our backdrop and flooring was grey, decorated with white and blue puffs, as well as a banner, large number one, balloons, and a huge cake!

For this part of the session, the parents decided on a navy blue jumper with a cute little hat and bow tie.

Our cake was made with buttercream swirl and ranged in color from sea blue to white at the very top of the cake.

nyc cake smash photography

Soon after exploring the cake, the babe dug right in!! He shoved his hands into the top of the cake, smearing frosting on his face and enjoying the sweet taste of buttercream.

Usually babes are timid to explore their cake, but not him! He loved ripping his cake apart and letting it get all over him and the floor.

Soon, he was stuffing his face with the yummy cake and showing it off to the camera! It was absolutely adorable and such a fun thing to capture.

nyc cake smash photography

If your babe wants to dig into a yummy birthday cake, contact me to set up your custom cake session!