Kyle’s Simplicity Newborn Session


Kyle is swaddled comfortably in a wrap.

The Gift of a Lifetime

Kyle and his family came to visit my studio because of a family friend. The family friend decided that a perfect gift for the new parents would be newborn photography session.

Kindly, they gave them a gift certificate to my studio, and well, the rest is history.

Kyle was only a few days old when they came to visit. Before their visit, his parents and I designed his newborn session. We decided that neutral colors were what the parents were looking for, as it would give the pictures a simple yet very elegant look to them.

Kyle does a froggy pose.

Kyle’s Session Design

When designing a session, I always ensure that the parents have the opportunity to assist me. I want to ensure that the session colors fit their taste and that they get to choose from our variety of props.

For Kyle’s simplicity newborn session, we decided to keep it that: simple. At the same time, we of course wanted the pictures to look elegant and well done. We threw in a blue foreground for Kyle, changing up the looking from the previous taupe design.

In the picture above, Kyle is posed in the froggy pose, showing off his little arms holding up his head. His feet are then propped behind him, creating a shape similar to a frog. This is why this pose is called the “froggy”.

Kyle lays gently on a taupe foreground.

To add to the taupe background, we also posed Kyle gently on his hands with a yellow swaddle laid across him. This pose is very simple, yet is very elegant and portrays a very innocent look.

Throughout all of the different poses, I ensured that Kyle and his mom enjoyed the look they portrayed. I love assisting clients in designing their session to make it completely custom. If you want to create a custom session like we did for Kyle’s simplicity newborn session, I’d love to talk with you more.

Thank you, baby Kyle!

This picture shows a black and white froggy pose.