A Continued Journey

As a photographer, artist, and business owner, I have learned that a professional should never stop growing. Though I have been a newborn photographer for many years, there are always new things to learn, new creations to create, and new opportunities to grow.

Throughout my career, I have taken steps to ensure that I am staying up to date with the latest trends. These trends include new ways to pose newborns, new possible cake smash ideas, and new ways to create art behind my camera.

As a photographer, I always ensure that my art is just that. I want to have the creativity be in the plan behind my lens, not in post editing. My photography style is natural, so I want to bring in new ways to be creative on site. This includes new backdrops, new props, new skills I learn to pose children and newborns, and of course critiquing my photography skills behind camera.

Workshops & Classes

As part of my urge to grow as an artist and business owner, I have taken multiple classes in the past few years. I try and take one class every year so that I can stay in tune with my growth.

Sandra Hill Photography 2:1 Workshop- 2016

-As seen from her website and her work, Sandra Hill specializes in fine art portraiture with newborns. She is very skilled and experienced in both posing and techniques behind the camera. Through her workshop, I learned more about how she poses newborns to get the best photos, as well as tips on how to improve my images in camera.

Sunkissed Photography of Kristin Mackey, 2:1 Workshop- 2014 & 2015

-Kristin Mackey was voted Tulsa’s number one newborn photographer. Through her mentoring workshop, I was able to privately work with her posing newborns, swaddling techniques, photography techniques during the session, post-processing, and business mentoring as well.


Through my workshops and classes I have done thus far, they have only motivated me further to stay in touch with growing myself and my business. At Picture Perfect NY, I want you to know you and your child(ren) are always in the best hands. My first concern is always safety, and I am constantly taking classes, reading, and learning about new trends and ways to improve my art.

I hope to see you soon!