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Why fit in when YOU were born to stand out?

Many moons ago, a little man, by the name of Adrian was born. He brought smiles and tears of joy to his family. His presence, rocked the world around him

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We had a pleasure of meeting Adrian, when he was 8 days young. He came to us & brought his parents along.

nyc newborn photographer family first family picture

I just love this little guy, he’s got the looks, he’s got the swag, and he’s got style

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Recently, we had a pleasure of reuniting with Adrian. He is such sweet young man, full of smiles, happiness and joy.

nyc first birthday photographer Rustic Garden Boy Theme

Today is your day, your mountain is waiting. So get on your way!

For his cake smash, Mommy and Daddy chose Dr. Seuss theme. As we were planning the session, we customized every bit of details for the session. It is a huge help when clients reach out to us early enough to pre-schedule the session, thus giving us time to prepare for it. Another example of custom scene, is the image above, where every bit of details, every prop, was ordered and purchased for this session thus when put together created a beautiful Rustic Garden (for girls, it would have been floral garden).

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You might not believe it, but Adrian wasn’t too keen on his cake smash setup, but he LooooooooooooooooVED his bath time.

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nyc family photography studio



*Disclaimer – All of the quotes were from Dr. Theodore Seuss Geisel.