A little something from the heart


A little something from the heart.

Why bother? Why not do something easier? Why stay up until 3 am to finish an edit? The answer is as simple as it is complex.  As an event photographer, whether its a wedding, birthday party or a corporate get together, I’m often faced with people who simply don’t want me there. These are guests who do not want to be photographed. However, assignment needs to be captured, needs to be documented, I move on and hope that rest of the party will be different. If this was a one time deal, it wouldn’t matter, but multiple assignments a week, with similar feedback, one must wonder – Why Bother?! Like many things in life, it takes few bad apples, rather small minority to put bad taste in the mouth.

I had a conversation with a fellow photographer and he reminded me of a Bar Mitzvah I’ve photographed on his behalf for his clients. He then went on telling me: one of the client’s family members passed away not to long ago, and while there, paying his respects, they were passing around pictures, pictures from that Bar Mitzvah that I photographed, pictures of their loved one, reminiscing and remembering the happy times.

After our talk, I opened up my wedding album. Slowly looking through it, got to the family page, realized that some people are missing… some weren’t born yet, but the others were taken. At that moment, I was surrounded by feeling of sadness and somewhat happiness. On one hand I was sad that they weren’t here to see my kids, to celebrate the life I am in now but at the same moment I was very happy to see them smile and joyful.

Why bother? Why not do something easier? Why stay up until 3 am to finish an edit?

This is what photographers do: we use light to draw a picture, we capture moments, we freeze time in hopes that the moments capture will influence the the viewer and further bring joy and happiness.

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~~ In Memory of Friends and Family Who aren’t with us.