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October 2nd 1995, is an interesting date in my life (Joseph), it was the first time I attended a wedding not as a guest but as a vendor. I was only 15 yrs old at that time and I was hired as a videographer’s assistant. Fast fwd to 2018, between assisting videography, eventually becoming one, switching to photography side of the wedding industry, starting as an assistant and eventually becoming a photographer, I lost count on how many weddings, parties, corporate events I’ve been part of capturing. However, at almost everyone of those events, there has been at least one person with some shape or form of special need.

The two faces of Picture Perfect NY are Angela and Joseph. Angela is a full time mom to 4 kids, ages spanning between 1.5 yrs and 10.5 yrs, she is the full time newborn photographer, main contact person for session-setups, the organizer of the sessions, the researcher. Basically, 90% of the studio work and home life is on her. The other side is me (Joseph). My second career has been healthcare, it started earlier in EMS for NYC and progressed to RN at a local hospital. Although both careers satisfy the inner-me, nursing is more about servicing those who really need help and photography is more about capturing the unique moments, events and playing with expensive toys (photography gear).

Why this topic? In the last six months or so, we had several parents contacting about a session, but never following through. However, when we followed up, they further explained that their child is special needs, photographing them would be difficult and they chose to avoid it. Unfortunately, I’m only a photographer and a nurse, I’m not a magician, and I cannot guarantee a perfect session – I wish I could. However, what I can guarantee is that my self and my wife will do everything we can from our end to make the session as successful as possible, regardless of the situation. …with that in mind, first and foremost, for families whose children have special needs, don’t be apprehensive to do the session. Children are beautiful, have pure hearts and as long as we know the situation when scheduling the session, we can plan accordingly. First and foremost, family participation is a must. Parents know their kids better then we do and know what their kids can and cannot do, their know what can make their kids smile, laugh and what would upset them. Second, we might need more time for the session. Although sessions have specific time allotted, if we know in advance we need more time, we’ll make those arrangements. Last but not least, realistic expectationsWhen parents have realistic expectations from their children (which in reality is – as long as baby isn’t crying, it is a good session and anything more then that is a bonus) we can be successful.

Children are beautiful!!!

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Their Expression and Smiles are PRICELESS

nyc photographer captures smiles of special pecial needs child

nyc photographer | special needs | portrait session | capturing smiles

First Birthday Cake Smash Session | Nautical Theme

nyc photographer | special needs portrait session | first birthday cake smash

He might be sad, that cake is gone, but he enjoyed every moment of it.

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