Smash Cake Photography NYC


Brooklyn, New York, home of Bensonhurst Blues lol by Oscar Brenton and it is also home of Picture Perfect NY. We have people coming to us from all boroughs of NYC, Rockland County, Yonkers, New Jersey and Connecticut. We even have few clients who come to us from Massachusetts, Pennsylvanian and California. However, this is the first & we are honored.  Aiden, came to us from Europe, Germany to be exact. His mom is a member of US Armed forces and on top of being honored to be visited by them all the way from the other side of Atlantic Ocean, we are very thankful for her services in protecting the world from evil.

Mom found us via Google, while in Germany, she said that reviews were helpful. They were planning a trip to visit family and decided to have a session with us while visiting. We communicated over emails, prepared for the session and were ready to do on the day of 🙂

There’s a saying “if you early, you’re on time; if you’re on time, you’re late”, Aiden was early-on time :).


nyc first birthday cake smashsmash cake photography nyc

smash cake photography nyc