Cultural Education – Three Months Session – 100 Days


If there is ‘one sentence’ that would describe me, it would be a student of life. I love learning different stuff, whether it is photography, medicine, or simply cultural education, i love learning. Therefore, when we are honored to have clients from different cultures, I take that opportunity to ask questions and learn stuff.

Over the years we had many clients who came to us for 100 days session. As with many, it isn’t really about small talk, as it is for me learning about a culture that is different than mine.

We started the full session with family pictures, commonly during those babies who are serious. We can’t expect kids to laugh and smile on demand and when serious, children typically look adorable.


nyc baby photographer
family picture with grandpa


After we finished with family combinations, we proceeded to the requested Teddy Bear Scene. Here, we concentrated on the child’s milestone which is Nearly Perfect Tummy Time

baby photographer in nyc

Most children of under 5 months, aren’t to keen on sitting, to our surprise, this girl was a pretty good sitter.

baby photographer new york


After we finished with the Teddy Bear Scene, we moved on to, famous Winter Wonderland and were able to get some amazing shots as well.

baby photographer new york

We finished the session with another milestone, of baby on the back. Here we learned that in some Chinese cultures, apparently not all, it is customary to photograph the baby with painted eggs.


baby photographer new york

Overall, the session was a success, we got great gallery for the parents, look forward to meeting new people and learning more about other cultures.  If you are interested in having a newborn or baby photography session, contact us at Picture Perfect NY for more information.