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Oh the INSANITY!!!!

Few weeks ago, I got a call from, a well polite male voice on the other end of the line saying, and I’m paraphrasing, that he has a baby boy who is four weeks old and he, the father, is looking for a very specific shot. In situations like these, there are few red flags: (1) possible unrealistic expectations from the parents (2) baby is already 4 weeks old while typical newborn session takes place b/n 7-16days. Even though I’m a photographer, I’m also a parent, I also understand that not every parent knows about 2 week-mark… We talked and emailed each other and were set on the date.

As with every session, we never know how it will go… When this family first came in, we were met with most genuine, kindest people. We discussed, reconfirmed the details of the Cutie Pie newborn session.

As expected, we weren’t about to get every post we would typically want to get from a newborn session b/c Kyri Reign didn’t want to. By the way, Kyri means LORD in Cambodian, just thought it was a really unique fact. However, the shots that we did get was amazing. One of my favorite was the two best friends, the two amigos, the BROTHERS!!!

That priceless smile, the bond that starts at such early age will lasts a lifetime.

NYC Newborn Photographer

Although parents didn’t want to be in pictures, we managed to get them involved in the session nonetheless.

NYC Newborn Photographer

Since the whole idea for this session was about anime theme, parents made sure to bring the necessary outfit and we were able to use it efficiently.

NYC Newborn Photographer

Kyri, being an older baby, was spying on us through most of the session, making sure that we are doing the right thing.

NYC Newborn Photographer

And as we finished the session Kyri Reign opened his eyes and… the picture worth a thousands words.

NYC Newborn Photographer