Happy Graduation – From Newborn to First Year Birthday


Happy Graduation.

Recently, I was asked if I prefer to photograph more weddings or children. The truth is, I like both but for very different reasons. I like weddings for the spontaneity of the life event and I enjoy working with kids b/c children are unpredictable and hundred percent authentic. The child will smile when is happy, and cry when is sad. Children rarely can fake emotion and what we get is genuine reactions. It’s this unpredictability that is both fun and a big challenge we face at every session.

Meet Avery, he first joined us when he was a newborn. He allowed us to create multiple varieties of poses, we used a bucket prop with a teddy bear.

newborn photography nycnewborn photography nyc

newborn photography nyc

We were excited to learn that parents were happy with the results and they signed up to watch me grow / milestone plan. Milestone sessions are mini sessions, where we concentrate on, as it says, a child’s milestone. At times we’d use a prop if the scene calls it, at others we wouldn’t.

A three-month session, though called 3 months, actually takes place when the baby is around 3.5-4months. By this time, the child’s neck muscles are stronger and he/she can pull themselves into tummy-time efficiently.

For his three-month session, we used the teddy bear scene, a reflection of his newborn prop, and placed him on the moon. I like it when kids cuddle up in the moon and fall asleep, it allows us an opportunity to create some really beautiful images.

newborn photography nycnewborn photography nycnewborn photography nyc

On the six-month milestone, which again takes place when the baby is b/n 6.5-7months, we were around the holiday season, and thus decided to incorporate it. Contrary to typical Santa pictures, where kids are hysterical and crying, our Santa is ultra-harmless, kids don’t even know he is there 🙂

newborn photography nycbaby photography nycbaby photography nyc

For the Nine-month sessions, we were around Valentine’s Day. Once again, we took advantage of it. This time, Avery was doing a great job sitting and even was able to stand on the ladder for us to get a few shots in.

baby photography nycbaby photography nycbaby photography nyc

First Birthday, the Big Graduation. Seeing my kids (my milestoners) grow is a pleasure. Over the year, we bond with the parents, we establish trust and understanding, and rarely have these connections been fruitless. This time is no different.

First, I’d like to thank Avery’s father, a member of the USA Armed Forces for his services, and dedication to his country and to his family. Our members of the military sacrifice every second of their lives so the rest of us can stay home with our family, feel comfortable in our PJs and scream at TV news political leaders for the work they do. Sir, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE.

One of those sacrifices is that Avery’s dad was unable to make it to his first birthday session. We started First Birthday Full Session with the family: the concentration here is the bond between the child and the parent.

baby photography nycbaby photography nyc

We then proceeded to the Pre-Cake set. We realized a while back, that the great majority of the children don’t like the cake, and half of those HATE IT or are afraid of it.

baby photography nyc

The minority of the children ok with the cake being in the frame and a small handful of kids dive hear first. Therefore, having a pre-cake setup the same as the cake-smash setup is a monumental benefit for the session, since this cake, the feature of the session, the MAIN EVENT – so to speak, is the reason why parents come to our studio. After a few minutes and a variety of clean shots, we introduce the cake and segway into a cake-smash portion of the session.


baby photography nyc

The session ends with bath time, where a child is placed in the bathtub, that is size appropriate for pictures.

First Birthday Full Session runs up to an hour and the majority of the time finishes within 45 minutes. We don’t waste time discussing outfits or any other details, because that has already taken place. We only spend time feeding the baby, if needs be, photographing and changing the scenes.

On another personal note, I’d like to thank Canada for the outstanding job she does as a mom. It is a tiresome journey, studying for school, taking care of the baby, and awaiting and missing her husband while he is serving his country and protecting his family.

Thank You for allowing us an opportunity to get to know you, work with Avery and capture his special moments.  If you are interested in having a newborn or baby photography session in the greater New York City area, contact us today for more information.