About the Newborn Session


As with every profession, ones who provide the service understand terminology while consumers typically don’t. In recent weeks, I’ve found that most clients typically don’t understand what some things are… To eliminate this misconceptions and misunderstandings, we decided to write this quick blog explaining different components of a newborn session.

There are Simple images. Baby is naked, privates aren’t shown, baby can be positioned into squishy and curled up poses . Contrary to the name, these aren’t simple to accomplish, baby is never forced into any specific pose or is uncomfortable. This is why it is so important that a newborn session is scheduled within first 14 days of birth as babies are still flexible and are able to be molded into poses as they were curled up so tight in the womb. We go from one post to the next, to maximize efficiency of the session and get the most out of it.

newborn photography queens nynewborn photography queens nynewborn photography brooklynElegance… these are the images where the baby is wrapped or has an outfit. These are limited to few poses but are important part of the gallery. Putting on the outfit, requires extra stimulation on the baby and might prevent little one from sleeping. Since we need the baby to sleep, we keep the Elegance to the minimum. However, elegant images are a life saver when the baby isn’t the best of sleeper and/or older baby, having the little one wrapped allows him/her to be calm and contempt, thus giving us an opportunity to capture the images that we can even if they are awake.

newborn photography queens nynewborn photography brooklyn

Creative images, the prop scenes, are part of Cutie Pie and Royal Baby. This is where the baby is placed into something, a prop. Some of the more popular scenes is a heart bowl & floral wreath. We often get new props and display those on our social media feed (facebook and instagram). At other times, we take the creative props to the next level with even more elaborate scenarios and more creative post production. At the end of the time we try to keep it timeless and have the focus on the baby. At times we take it one step further based on parents requests like seen below the Harry Potter setup.

nyc newborn photographerNew York City Newborn and Family Photographynyc newborn photographer harry potter themes set

newborn photography queens ny

Family and parent/siblings combinations.

A part of me remembers well when my kids were born and how I felt holding them. However, when daily reality sets in and further I am removed from that day, looking back on the images I have of me with my kids, allows me to relieve those moments. Therefore, I am a huge believer and lover of family pictures. Sometimes parents don’t feel comfortable being in front of the camera, at which there’s plan B 🙂 – the hands. Again the idea is to capture the bond. Last but not least, the bond of the siblings. As long as the older sibling cooperates, we can accomplish these images and capture the start of the forever bond.

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nyc newborn photographer