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I had a session recently and the grandmother asked me what makes child photography different than events. Although there are many differences, one major is authenticity. A child, doesn’t hide his/her emotions, when a child is happy – she smiles, when the child is upset – he’ll cry; children are authentic and it shines through the images. According to most research, children start smiling around the age of two months, anything before that is just a reflex. As newborn photographers, we get smiles and other expressions.

Newborn Photographers In NYC

Have I mentioned that these look so much better, in my opinion, in black and white versus color? If not, well, then they do, especially when we print them through our pro-labs. Speaking of No Color, check out this entry.

For as long as I remember, I had a warm place in my heart for women and men who are in the military and/or first responders, so when we can incorporate these careers into the session, it adds a lot of sentimental value not just to the session it’s self but to the overall experience for the parents and us as well.

Newborn Photographers In NYC

Not to leave out the finest details, then there are Classic Elegant Expressions and Poses.

Newborn Photographers In NYCNewborn Photographers In NYC