Newborn Family Session | Full Family Session


This week, on our studio news, I’d like to talk about little dude, named Easton.

Here’s the good, the bad and ugly :). We like animals, we like pets. Both before and after we got married, Angela and I used to have pets… dogs, parrots, fish and all require lots of time and TLC. We now have four kids, so no time for pets. In our studio, we welcome pets however, few things we need to consider before pets come in. First, pet owners need to be able to control the pet while not being photographed. Second, once we are done with 4 legged family member, its better to take the one into the carrier or walk in the park for few hrs. Last, but not least, we need to consider the next clients (are they allergic to animals?), do we have time between current session and next to clean with hydrogen peroxide such as Lysol. It seems like a “line” but its the reality, we aren’t just about photographing and making a living, we care about safety of the children, adults and of course quality of the final product.

Easton came with his parents and family best friend. As with all of our newborn sessions, parents choose a package that best suits their needs. Based on that information, we schedule the session with adequate time and a little bit of buffer in case we need it. Based on that information, we formulate the plan, the workflow of the session and modify/improvise if need be. Even at young age, such as 11days or so, babies choose which poses they want or don’t want to do.

We started out with famous froggy pose. It typically dictates how the session would go. Being one of the hardest poses, if the baby does do the froggy, chances are  little one in other poses as well.

…and froggy we got.

brooklyn new york newborn photographer

After series of images on this backdrop we changed it up and moved on.

Easton was doing a great job and an angelic inspiration came over… we got this pose and love the results that we able to capture.

brooklyn new york newborn photographer

As good as he was, there were moments during the session when sleeping was far from his mind, but being very contempt, we managed to proceed and capture images open eyes

brooklyn new york newborn photographer

From then on, we changed the background and began incorporating additional accessories 🙂 such as his best friend.

brooklyn new york newborn photographer

The Creative Prop Scene which was chosen by the parents was Easton in the bed with his guard protecting him.

brooklyn new york newborn photographer

We finished of the session with a family picture, where everyone, all four members of the family were photographed

brooklyn new york newborn photographer

No such thing as a perfect session, like many there are some with challenges and often it is child’s temperament. We, the parents and photography/post-production crew, together overcame the challenges and were able to deliver a wonderful selection of images to be shared and treasured for years to come.