Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland | aka Alice in Wonderland | NYC Photographer


Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland was written by English author Charles Lutwidge Dodgson in 1865. I truly don’t know in how many languages this story has been translated. Being born in the former USSR, I remember the story in Russian. I’ve seen the movies in English, and my friends of Hispanic, Asian, and Middle East backgrounds heard the stories in their native languages… The story and variations of it have been told for over 100 years.

As professional photographers, we often capture events and portrait sessions with a variety of themes. Parents contact us and discuss these options. I’m glad we were able to put this classic story into reality right in front of our cameras.

About a year ago, we photographed Charlotte at her newborn session. Together, with her parents, we were able to put together a wonderful gallery of images. Fast forward a year later, we were contacted by mommy and requested “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” theme for her daughter’s First Birthday Cake Smash Session. After confirming the appointment date/time, we started planning.

First, Angela had an image in her head and she went out looking for details: the hand sign, the watch, the flowers, the letters, etc, etc. Once we got the details, it was time to put them together. Typically, we set up the scenes the same day. On a few occasions, we set them up the night before, this was one of those setups.

Like most of the full sessions, we started out with family: capturing Charlotte with her parents together and as individuals. After family, we moved on to the fun part. Now in the interest of time and web space, I didn’t post the whole session, just the cake-smash part of it. We captured the pre-cake part and got an amazing gallery of smiles, this being one of them…

alice's adventures in wonderland portrait session

After many smiles without the cake, we got the cake in.

Cake Smash Session with Alice's adventures in wonderland | Alice in WonderlandCake Smash Session with Alice's adventures in wonderland | Alice in Wonderland

Charlotte wasn’t to keen on the cake and we got the parents involved.

Cake Smash Session with Alice's adventures in wonderland and parents | Alice in Wonderland

We finished the session with bathtime. Overall, it was a very successful session, where we were able to concentrate on various aspects of the session and got a wonderful gallery of images that parents can treasure for years and years to come.