Quebec | Traveling with kids to Canada Part II


After 3 days on Montreal, Quebec Canada, we went to Quebec city. Traveling through the old Quebec City we felt like we were back in Prague. The architecture, the environment, street performers, the kindness of people all and much more, makes this area simple magical. I had an opportunity to speak with few folks who agreed – if you want to see Prague~like but closer and a bit less costly, come to Quebec City


With all the people around, we were able to get few family pics in… finally updated our family pictures

This area… After about 4+hrs there, we still didn’t cover the whole area.


Montmorency Falls

Last time we were at Niagara falls, was about 20 years ago, so going to Montmorency Falls, was a nice alternative.

Perhaps a hidden in plain sight treasure of Quebec, is Ile d’Orleans. Had Angela NOT researched and found this GoooooooooooRGEOUS place, we’d never go there. Never would we have crossed the two-lane bridge to enter ANOTHER WORLD. Driving through this island, I felt like I’m driving through a movie scene of a french country side.


As we drove through the island, local vendors are selling fruits and vegetables that are beyond fresh and delicious.

The kids enjoy the scenery as well

One of the first places we stopped was a Winery for some delicious Wine VSP. After few sips and small shopping, we went for lunch at a local restaurant Cassis Monna and Filles. It just finished raining, while sitting at the veranda, the staff opened the shade and this was the view. I didn’t have my camera at that moment, grabbed my phone and captured this using panoramic mode.

panoramic view for lunch

bought some Jam

More Wine Tasting. This time we stopped at Domaine Steinbach

love the idea of trying before buy

While on the island, few places that are must visit – La Maison Smith bakery for some croissants

Croissant from La Maison Smith


and maybe finalize the visit with some ice cream and chocolate from Chocolaterie de Ile d’Orleans,

Chocolaterie de Ile d’Orleans,

As we were driving, we passed a small sign on the road

We made the turn off-road and were met with nothing but an empty field on the left and right of us and tree-line about half a mile ahead. Once we came towards the tree line, we were blown away by the beauty in the woods, mind you – this was NOT seen on the main road.Len-talleur

l'en-tailleurCabaneASucremaple syrup factoryOne could take a little tour of the property and learn how Maple Syrup is made,

tasting the syrupfor a small price, purchase the stirrer sticks and roll on freshly hot maple syrup onto the ice.

After that, make your way into the store and purchase the flavors from packages of your choosing len-tailleurmaplesyruppure

For the seafood lovers and if you don’t mind waiting a bit in line, a small shack-looking store is selling Lobster Rolls from Casse-Croûte Chez Mag

Cheese lovers, can stop by cheese tasting and get recipes from local makers like Le Paillasson



Our little family road trip was full of mini adventures, laughs and new experiences. If I were to repeat it, I’d probably fly into Quebec, rent a car and give my self 2 full days on the island to fully explore it. Another full day at Old Quebec and if Montreal Biodome open, take a 2.5hr drive to spend a day there. I’d also make sure that my internet was significantly faster thus I’d be able to utilize English-Frensh translator, it would definitely make my life easier. On side note, The Island has only one gas station, multiple electric-car charging stations but one gas station, so make sure you have enough gas when circling the area.