Brooklyn Baby Photography / Cutie Pie Package


Brooklyn Baby Photography / Cutie Pie Package

We usually do newborn baby photography when a baby is fourteen days old or under, but this newborn photography session was a little different because the baby was eight weeks old. Some photographers won’t schedule a session with a baby past that optimal two-week time. Why? It’s mostly because certain shots are hard or impossible to get once you pass the two-week mark. For example, there are certain poses that older babies just aren’t flexible enough to do once they’re over two weeks. It’s also harder to get sleeping baby pictures.

If you’ve left it a bit late scheduling your baby photography session, don’t worry. We’ll never turn a little one away because of age. As long as we have an opening at our Brooklyn photography studio it’s totally possible to get a beautiful gallery of newborn images. You and your little one can still have an amazing session, as you can see from the photos of this adorable baby girl and her parents.

nyc baby photography parents holding newborn baby's hands

new york baby photographer, parents holding new daughter

brooklyn ny newborn photos, baby girl swaddled in center of floral wreath

newborn photography nyc, wakeful smiling baby girl in pink and white

This little sweetheart was wide awake the whole time. She had great eye contact and the best expressions! She was all smiles and wide eyes, and did absolutely great! These photos are a great example of the variety of images you can get with older newborn baby photography. Even though they’re different from a typical newborn session, they are gorgeous, unique, and capture this little darling perfectly.

We’re so glad these parents contacted us about doing a baby photography session for their older newborn. The session went without a hitch and they now have beautiful images of their precious daughter that they can treasure forever.

brooklyn baby photography

newborn baby photographer new york, smiling baby in swaddle

Picture Perfect NY Photography provides multiple options for baby photography, so you can choose the package that best fits your family’s needs. Check out pricing details here, and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!