Chinese New Year Baby Photos Bensonhurst Brooklyn


Baby Clair celebrating the Lunar year with her Baby photos

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!! No, not the one where we made another circle around the sun but other one – the moon lol Happy Lunar New Year, more popularly known as Happy Chinese New Year. I’ll be first to admit, that I don’t know, rather didn’t know much about this topic until I started researching it. Now, I’m sure someone who is reading this will correct me and/or tell me that I’m totally wrong, however, I’d like to take few minutes or rather few sentences to describe the celebration: One of the customs is to clean the house – as in get rid of the ill-fortune that has been around and make room for the blessings to come. Praying/honoring ‘Higher Beings’ I’ve found over the years, that in a society where we are ultra politically correct, saying G-O-D might be frowned upon, so Higher Being it is :). Family dinner is A big part of the celebration, a chance for everyone to come together, celebrate each other’s company and greet the incoming Year. During this dinner, Red Envelopes are gifted with money, to signify good luck and good fortune for the receiver. The holiday, although called Chinese New Year is celebrated amongst many Asian Cultures with variations to A specific area. By the way, the info was at the most reliable website – wiki

Why would Portrait Photography Studio write and/or care about the Chinese New Year? – Simple :) It is because we encourage cultural integration into our sessions. We encourage making sessions to be unique for the families, we encourage sessions to be personal. Over the last 10 years, we’ve had many Asian clients but not many were part of our Watch Me Grow Family. We’ve done a series of blogs on Watch Me Grow, and you can check those in the archives. This session is a bit different.

We’ve worked with Clair since she was under 2 months young. Parents didn’t know about the newborn stage SO we started a few weeks later. Fast Forward, she’s now 6 months and is mastering her sitting which happens to be one of the milestones for this stage. It’s the season of the Chinese / Lunar New Year . This will be her third visit to our Brooklyn, Bensonhurst studio. With all of our sessions, parents are strongly encouraged to participate and help us get the baby’s attention and expressions. Well, this time – work THEY did :). We just loved how all the details in this session came together!

We got great images, happy smiles, and another successful session in the books.

chinese new year baby photography session in Brooklyn, NYC
Clair surrounded by red envelopes, oranges and lanterns. Mom also hand made her little dragon.

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