Baby shark Tooo Doo Tooo Doo Tooo | NYC Portrait Photographer


A few years ago a client came to our studio, the little one was doing ok but not too many smiles. Parents turned on the song and I hear Jaws Theme. I’ll be honest, the thoughts I had at that moment, weren’t the best lol I mean, c’mon – little baby and JAWS? Don’t get me wrong Jaws, is a cinematography classic and for its intrinsic and artistic value – it’s a priceless film, however, pairing it with a baby – just weird. But it all changed a few seconds into the tune and I was introduced to the Baby Shark theme song… and the rest was history!

As years went on lol I was dreaming about that song. Finally, the parents reached out for a Baby Shark Cake Smash-themed photography session, and I was looking forward to the planning of the session.

The hardest thing about it was the preparation. A lot of details had to be put together, the shark family was custom-made. Few days before the session, we came into the studio to set everything up… the background, the net, the balloon Garland, the lights, the sharks, the name. Last little details, the parents brought #1 which mom actually made herself to use for the actual party and we had the whole scene put together.

The hardest part about working with children is the unpredictability of how sessions will turn out but it’s also the best part – genuine emotions. When Zaid came into the studio, he was nothing but smiles, we reviewed session details and went had a blast with the little guy.

We started with families and saw a great model.

cake smash photographer Brooklyn, Staten Island first birthday photoshoot

On the family setup, we were able to get a few more solo images of Zaid alone.

Baby Shark Cake Smash | NYC Portrait Photographers

After family, we went into pre-cake set, and right away, looking into the viewfinder, I SAW MAGIC. The real last component of the scene was Zaid, who with his smiles and laughs, lit up the session image after image after image.

Baby Shark Cake Smash | NYC Portrait Photographers

Adding the custom cake, further enhanced the whole look.

Baby Shark Cake Smash | NYC Portrait Photographers

I had a very hard time culling the images to present to the parents bc there were SO MANY GREAT ONES, not good ones but GREAT ones.

We finished Full Cake Smash Session with the bath time.

Baby Shark Cake Smash | NYC Portrait Photographers

At the end, many things came together, at the right place and right time to allow us to capture wonderful ❣️ memories.