PASSION | NYC Newborn Photographer | Virtual Newborn Session


To quickly recap Picture Perfect NY was born during a very difficult time in my life. For the last ten years it was photography that was driving force in our family. It was the financial aspect of photography business that allowed Angela and me to extend our family, to provide for our family, photography business, more specific, our studio IS OUR Family. It’s no wonder that often our kids exhibit signs of jealousy towards the studio, claiming that we spend more time on it then on them. However, it is our special family member that is able to financially provide for our family and allows us to to take what we love to do on a whole other level. For Angela and myself, it’s our passion for photography that drives us. It drives us so hard to where we are now… in pain, hurt, we cannot practice what we love, our family member is hurt and it feels like there’s nothing we can do. However….

We’ve had an opportunity to hold a few virtual newborn sessions. For this specific one, we used few home blankets that are somewhat similar to what parents might have at home; we used our daughter’s doll to guide the parents in posing and lighting. From parents side, they are using one phone camera for video conferencing and second phone camera to capture the moments. Today, between, facetime, facebook messaging, duo, whatsapp, zoom, etc, using video conferencing is simple and easily attainable.


PASSION | NYC Newborn Photographer | Virtual Newborn Session

It takes time, practice, experience and education to properly pose a newborn baby. To get the most out of the session, we kept posing to ultra simple, classic and elegant.

PASSION | NYC Newborn Photographer | Virtual Newborn SessionWe’ve further used each other to model the pose, allowing parents to see how to pose and capture the images.

newborn photography new york city

PASSION | NYC Newborn Photographer | Virtual Newborn Session

The editing was interesting in its self. As technology advances and cell phone cameras becoming predominant method to capture, I often wonde how far can the images be pushed and what can be done with them… Angela helped out with that 🙂

PASSION | NYC Newborn Photographer | Virtual Newborn Session

virtual newborn session baby in the basket nyc newborn photographerPASSION | NYC Newborn Photographer | Virtual Newborn Session


We opened Picture Perfect NY during a very dark times in our lives. We had no idea where we’d go from there, how things will be. It was Angela’s perseverance and most importantly her PASSION that allowed us to push through, to learn more, go grow and to meet amazing people along the way. Who knows what the future will hold, what will be, or ever how it’ll be. One thing I know, her PASSION and dedication to perfection will not subside and will allow us to capture and create memories for more people, more people to come.