Social Distancing Portrait Sessions in New York City



Our last few blogs entries have been somewhat emotional, stressful/stress-relieving, and cathartic. So this time, I’d like to concentrate on something GOOD!!! Outdoor, First Birthday, Family Session.

We’ve had the pleasure to work with Easton several times before – at his newborn session. There are many poses and/or prop scenes that can be done for newborn photography but it is still a finite number. Therefore, what makes EVERY newborn session special and unique is the baby and the parents. Seriously, the same lighting condition and pose BUT with a different person in front of the camera – results in different personalities, and individuality. This individuality, I FRICKEN LOVE!!!! Enough of tangents, Easton – dude had a pet! We encourage all family members to be in the session but four-legged ones add a little more flavor 🙂



There were many more images that we captured during his newborn session and we loved them all, more importantly, parents loved them as much as we did. Few months later, we were blessed, yes I SAID BLESSED, to see this great family again for the holiday sessions. We typically hold holiday sessions in middle of November as it allows us to edit and deliver all of the images to the clients on- time and allows clients to either on on their own or through us, create and send out holiday cards.

nyc photographer brooklyn holiday xmass

So here we were, in early May, post-COVID – a series of blogs that can be accessed here & here, and getting an email from Mamma about the First Birthday Session. The ugly truth is, that we cannot open our studio to make this happen. Even as I’m writing this, we cannot open our studio doors to start creating, capturing, and preserving memories for our clients. BUT when there’s a will, there’s a way – an outdoor session.

We settled on time, and the location, all that was left is settle on the weather. One above helped us out with it and we were lucky and blessed to create, capture and preserve memories for this ONE-Derful Family AGAIN!!!!!

Safety first, with all of our sessions, safety is first: our safety, clients’ safety, and of course bystanders’. Our clients wore the masks, we had ours on. We maintained social distancing, as is recommended by federal, state, and city municipalities, used hand sanitizers (heck, we’ve been using hand sanitizers in-studio and outdoors for years and years WaaaaaaaaaaY before this whole scenario), and started the session. Some challenges are always present when outdoors – but respect will win them all – we aren’t obstructing public places and allow others in the area to participate in their activities – again, RESPECT goes a LOOOOOOONG way!!!


The session was a great success. We captured great shots, we preserved memories, we stopped time. We were lucky enough to find the good during these hard times, edit out the negativity and move forward in life, in positive directions.

G-D Bless!!!!!