Pet Photography | NYC Photographer | Family Photography


Pet Photography | NYC Photographer | Family Photography

Over the years, we’ve had a pleasure to incorporate family pets into the session, but this session specifically was all about Coby. Meet Coby, as I’m writing this, he is 8 weeks and one day new… A friendly breed of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, that’s a mouth full. Today, he is our model. Being a little baby that he is, we started the session slowly, in a simple, classic and elegant basket.

Pet Photography | NYC Photographer | Family Photography

Pet owners know, that getting attention to their pets for pictures is a hard task. I’d like to think that we got very lucky with this image.


We called him some more, but little guy was already tired and got this “I will NOT look into the camera” look.

nyc pet photographer

After few minutes of the basket, we decided to change the scene up just a little bit and got a series of another images.

Although Coby has beautiful color scheme, I happen to love this image. When we placed him on the chair, he seemed a bit confused, looked down and I captured this image. In non-standard black/white and nearly all of our b/w edits aren’t simply-desaturates, I feel this images speaks volume. It is simple yet powerful.

desaturate colors nyc photographer

We got Coby’s attention and captured him looking directly into the camera. I tried to tell him few jokes… tough crowd.

doggy on the chair nyc photographer pets

We finished the session by capturing a few classic and elegant poses as he fell asleep.

classic elegant poses nyc pet photographynyc pet photographer brooklyn staten island


Pets are members of the family. They require love, care, and compassion. Why not capture the special moments with our non-human friends? Over the years, we’ve adopted many different techniques and genres into our repertoire, pet photography is one of them. Reach out to us, let’s talk and schedule your family/pet session.