Staten Island Newborn Photography | Newborn Photographer Richmond Town

We’ve officially moved into our SI location and changes have been noticeable, for us. The bad part is that it is a smaller location then our Brooklyn portrait studio and our props & accessories are in storage. The good is that this storage is 10 feet away or so, the smaller location allows for nicer lighting. With that in mind, let’s talk about our newborn photography sessions in the NEW Staten Island location in Richmond Town.

Like many of our sessions, they are unique and this one wasn’t much different.

We started our session getting some classic and elegant poses.


and we caught this smile. At times, when we catch this money shot – aka DA MONEY!!! – we laugh, show it in LCD to the parents and can say, ok, we’re done lol I’m kidding, we aren’t done, we got a long way to go.

Staten Island Newborn Photography

We added the toy puppy into the session. It’s not just a toy but an accessory that added flavor to this image. This Family are dog owners, so having the final results reflecting their loves, only makes it THAT much more special.

Staten Island Newborn Photography

The prop scene parents chose which was one of our bed scenes. It is a classic, timeless, where I feel that even in 15 years looking at these images and it will stand the Test of Time.

We completed our session with some fun Mug Shot 🙂 for this series of images, we were capturing his alert expressions.

Staten Island Newborn Photography

As a pet owner, I’ll vouch for the fact that our pets are part of our family. Therefore we want to capture them along with our human children. Capturing this image was very special for us, not just from technical stands but for the meaning point of view: both, human and k9 lol are part of THE FAMILY.

Staten Island Newborn Photography