The Importance of Portrait Photography


I’ve been contemplating talking about this subject for a while but earlier this week, last week of October 2020, I had the pleasure of speaking with a fellow photographer of mine. We don’t get to talk as much as I’d like but when we do, we cover various topics, like family, gear, the general state of business, specific gigs, etc. We also talk about the deeper meaning of what photographers do and that preserves memories. It’s interesting, that when looking deep into the photography profession, we don’t necessarily photograph for today or tomorrow, but rather for some distant future. How often did a social media feed or a cloud drive pop up an image of what happened a year or more in the past? It’s these memories that we preserve.

I also saw a nurse friend of mine, she recently left our unit and we don’t get to see each other as often… this time we were reminiscent of HELL we went through 4-6 months ago. We were smack in the middle of the covid outbreak. There are two things that she and I did enjoy during those months, that is rush/fast-paced/always thinking environment and fact that we were working tirelessly for 12+hrs at a time preserving life. We spoke about those days, we spoke about what is currently happening, we spoke about patients we weren’t able to save and we spoke about the ones whose life we were able to preserve.

I’ve been contemplating writing about the importance of photography but it was really this week that I realized that all along I’ve been in the preservation business. I go to the hospital and preserve life; I use my camera to preserve memories…

We’ve photographed this boy since he was a newborn baby and parents come back for our annual holiday Christmas photography sessions.


This couple came on vacation from Texas. While from home, we scheduled the session, discussed the details, and were praying for good weather. The weather was gone and preserved memories were phenomenal.

Multi-Generational Newborn Session. Like all of our sessions, we discuss details, to eliminate as many variables as possible. Sure, we had few surprises but at the end of the day… We were chosen to preserve these memories.

We caught this moment while photographing the first birthday party, the interaction of four generations!

Last Christmas…


For over 20 years, without realizing it, I’ve been in the preservation industry… preserving life and preserving memories.

Thank You All for this opportunity!!!