NYC Portrait Session | Birthday Session | Boss Baby | Girl Baby


Well, this was a fun NYC portrait session…

About two months ago, a mommy reached out to us about doing a Boss Baby theme for her little girl. So naturally, a duality of thoughts ran through my mind: 1) we’ve done boss baby before (click here for Instagram post) – no problem 2) did she say a girl? So I asked mommy to confirm and she said,  girl… Not that I wasn’t paying attention to the rest of the conversation, but I was thinking as to what we can do for Boss Baby Girl version. Then mommy tells me that she wants to put in a car into the scenery, one of those electric cars. So now I’m thinking about the boss baby scene, I’m thinking about a car and now I’m screaming SILENTLY “ANGELA!!!!! This is your area of expertise!!!!!” As I do with everyone I speak with, I give an overview of the packages, refer clients to review package information on our website, and ask clients to email with info such as package type, theme(s) in mind or ideas, days in mind for the session and the best time of day (especially if for a child). Here’s the reality, all of our clients, Angela and I, appreciate you all. You guys push our creativity (well Angela’s actually, I don’t have a creative bone in my body), you guys push us artistically (I’ll take a little credit) and we really do appreciate your business!!! However, when I speak with clients on the phone, again, not that you aren’t important, but when someone tells me I spoke with you yesterday… between speaking with multiple clients on a daily basis, editing, dropping kids off at school, picking them up, on-line/virtual school, cme classes, being a parent and a spouse… I don’t remember that conversation. Therefore, that email that you, the client (past, current, future) sending us, is extremely important – allows Angela (our creative genius) and my self (the back up) to keep track of what sessions are coming up, the details, etc etc etc.

So meanwhile, I’m still thinking about the car, the girl boss baby, well everything that I just spoke with on the phone and we had a lovely conversation by the way, and well imagine running a Ferrari Engine on a bicycle – that just doesn’t work. That’s kind of what happens when I have to create or come up with ideas for a session – it doesn’t work. Once again – Angela to the rescue and she tells me “That sounds like fun, I’ll be looking out for the email”. So while I’m in shell shock, wifey here doesn’t skip a beat and keeps on doing what she’s doing as those words came out of her mouth.

Anyways, we got the initial email and we (aka Angela) starts brainstorming. Few emails and snippets back and forth, few more phone conversations and more emails back and forth and we got the details hammered out and now it’s the night before the session. Ties – check, suitcase – check, Boss Baby Signs – check, the background to start with – uncheck? ok so we drafted few ideas out and pondered on finally settled on – you’ll see.

As we started putting the scene together, we figured what if we do the suitcase a bit differently, as if it is open. Seemed like a cool idea and we did just that. Take some test shots, play with different lighting scenarios (that’s where I get to play – techie nerds stuff) and we were ready to go.

The day of the session comes and we finally got to meet baby aka Boss Baby Londyn

NYC Portrait Session | Birthday Session | Boss Baby | Girl Baby


Let’s be real, smiles like these are every photographer’s dream, and had been able to always guarantee these smiles… oooh, I’d be a happy camper. However, when working with children, it is never a guarantee lol However, I really do enjoy it when kids have serious facial expressions. As with many of our Watch Me Grow clients, seeing the families every 3 months, it’s interesting to see how certain looks, certain facial expressions become part of their personality. It is even more obvious as we get to photograph families after little one turns One and we do sessions every six months to a year. It’s really cool to see certain facial expressions that haven’t changed since the baby let’s say, 9months and now this little one is 7 y/o.

Anyways, back to our Boss Baby. We got few variations – with the car, with a suitcase full of cash, and when ya’ll riding in style, it ain’t always about a smile :)

NYC Portrait Session | Birthday Session | Boss Baby | Girl Baby

This was a fun project to put together and I’m honored that we were chosen by the parents to be the ones involved in it.