Boston to NYC Maternity Portraits Session – Brooklyn Bridge


NYC Maternity Portraits

Planning NYC maternity portraits is everything and a little luck.

WOW. So a few months ago, we got an email for a maternity inquiry. We replied but also followed up with a phone call. After a lengthy conversation with mommy-to-be, answered all of the questions, explained how maternity sessions run, we started planning on the location. Few weeks into the prepping for the session, the lovely couple reached out and had a change of heart for the location. We had the date set, the time to meet, all we needed was luck with the weather.

The day before the session, it was raining, muggy, weather on our side but it only means that as the rain ends, the BEAUTIFUL CLOUDS will stay behind. The next morning, was a cold morning, windy, but as always there’s the hope of what if.

The camera is charged, ready to go. Back up is in the same condition. Lights ready, backup lights ready. I got to the location about 20 minutes early and the first thing I’ve noticed was the wind. I mean, we have beautiful scenery but there’s the wind. Oh what a boy to do, what to do? I met the couple, we took care of the paperwork and I saw MAGIC.

Yes, it was chilly, yes it was windy, but this amazing couple, who are the residents of Boston, Massachusetts would not let some little wind get in the way of producing and capturing special memories. So we went to work.

nyc maternity portraits

We started out by Jane’s carousel, with the Manhattan bridge in the background. Few shots later we started walking around and went to a different location. We then went to the famous DUMBO Pier. Beautiful scenery, lovely boat, happy couple, wonderful moment to capture.

nyc maternity portraits

dumbo pier maternity session

In over 25 years, I can count on ONE hand, how many times I was by this pier and had it all to MY SELF lol. Remember the Magic, I was talking about earlier, it was magical to have this place all to myself. Yet, the wind – OH THAT WIND, but my lovely couple are super troopers and we got good shots here. We moved few yards over and captured more memories. nyc maternity portraits

After few moments by the famous red door of DUMBO, we went back towards the bridges.

brooklyn bridge maternity portraits

nyc maternity portraits

Photographers are an interesting breed of people, we are always searching, always looking for that special LIGHT. I LOVE how this image below came out. While we were getting various poses in this area, the sun came from under the clouds, reflected off the building behind, and gave me the beautiful light, on the belly. Again, it was one of those magical moments that made this session so special.

by the wall maternity portraits

In the frame… after we got our shots with Brooklyn Bridge, we turned around and got the frame of Manhattan Bridge and Williamsburg Bridge in the background.

brooklyn maternity photography, staten island maternity photographer

AaaaaH, the famous Washington Ave: couples, photographers, passer-byers all get ‘in line’ to get these images taken here, on this day, there was NO ONE in our way and we weren’t in anyones.

brooklyn maternity photography, staten island maternity photographer

A few years ago I found a great spot, its a tough spot and somewhat risky to photograph but in my opinion, on a seldom occasion the risks are worth the images.

nyc maternity portraits

nyc maternity portraits

As I was finishing the session and walking to the couple to say our farewells, I saw another opportunity and had to capture this moment.

nyc maternity portraits

This session was magical. The weather, the scenery, the lack of people, sure it was windy but my super trooper models were excited to get the session going and capture this special milestone and I have to say My excitement was right there with them :). We’re honored to have been chosen to photograph this beautiful couple!!!

Oh side note, #nofakeskies here lol