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Hello Everyone

This was a really cool session. I’m driving to the store, to pick up groceries and get a phone call. The gentleman on the other end of the phone call is asking me about a newborn session. Naturally, I ask when the baby is due and he’s telling me “in few hours actually, I’m in the hospital right now with my wife”. WOW WOW WOW. Quick Tangent lol, a few years ago, we had a client who was emailing us every one to two hours, updating us on the delivery of their second baby… Oh and the 4th WOW – it was the Father’s Day weekend. We had a warm talk overall and the conversation ended with me summarizing the information,  encourage clients to visit our website, review the packages and email us as soon as possible to ensure availability.

We’ve emailed each other and the day came for the session.

The coolest part about the session, thus far, was the fact that this father reached out to us few hours before the session, but like an infomercial, WAIT, THERE’S MORE lol

We encourage parents to first and foremost ask questions, (ideally before the session thus it saves time during the session itself) as well as utilize personal items that are sentimental for them. This couple had few things…

Few days before the Princess was born, the father was saying that this baby is coming soon, but his Mother (aka grandmother of our supermodel Eliana) said that it isn’t the case as the flower was closed. One day, the same day that the famous phone call occurred, the flower opened up. Some would say it’s a coincidence, but is it really? I won’t be going into debates on that part.

best nyc newborn photographer

The family also brought their dog with them. As long as we know in advance that there’s a pet, we can plan accordingly, by protecting our next clients should they have allergies to pets. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel – I’m not a k9 expert, actually I know very little about pets, but I know that this breed is like another child lol wants to be pet and held and cuddled. Big brother, lol was well behaved.


Often, the babies temperament is assessed during the froggy pose and she did a good job with it. This being the hardest pose, we can determine what kind of poses the baby can or cannot do.

froggy pose super model


Our heart bawl, is one of the most popular props. It can be used for both girls and boys. It is a heart, and our kids steal our hearts 🙂

heart bawl prop scene

Jewelry & accessories: more often than not, for the newborns, we would encourage parents to remove bracelets b/c when holding the baby, it might scratch the little bundle of joe. Same goes for watches. Especially smartwatches – nearly always come out horrible in pictures with just blacked-out screen. But this bracelet, this bracelet is special, it is a one-of-a-kind piece, it was made, incorporating ashes of Eliana’s Mother’s Father. It is TRULY PRICELESS!!!


custom jewelry


As I’m writing the entry, I’m reflecting on this session. How a phone call over the father’s day weekend, turned into meeting very kind people, being introduced to really cool stuff, and of course, capturing very special memories for this family.