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“Hunny” she said calling her husband on the phone, “I just came out from the doctor’s, there are two of them”. “Two of them??!” He said, “What do you mean two of them?! What are you talking about? What two?!”.  She said, “Twins, we are having twins”.

Not so long ago, we got the pleasure to meet wonderful people – Jessica and Sean – they came into our studio with beautiful young girls and allowed us the privilege to photograph them.

Getting parents with kids is particularly important in my opinion. I’m glad we were able to capture the girls with their parents.

Although in this blog, we are showing the girls together, we make sure to capture girls individually as they are their own persons.

I love seeing the bond between siblings, this image above, in my opinion, accomplishes just that.

The Ying Yang, love the way the girls are together. These two, aren’t just sisters, their bond will be stronger than that.

I wanted to save this image for last. I love the bond of Mommy with her girls, what I think makes this image better is the father’s right hand supporting his family. The cherry on top 🙂 is making the image black and white, creating an emotion. Further, cropping the image the way we did, we took a bond and an emotion and created a work of art.