Adventure Awaits | Around The World Themed Portrait Session


Around the World Themed Portrait Session

Yes, it is possible!!! We are blessed to have this amazing career where we get to freeze moments in time, capture memories, and create lasting impressions for our clients. Every once in a while, we get an email or a phone call where a prospective client wants to have a portrait theme for their little girl that is related to ‘traveling around the world’. The requests are typically followed by the client saying something like “but I have a girl, and everything I’ve seen is for a boy”. FRIENDS, Land Me Thy Ears, actually eyes in this case. IT IS POSSIBLE to travel the world with a girl, or rather have a photography/portrait theme that captures explorations of the world around us.

Angela told me the other day that we have to create a girl’s version of Around-The-World. After some research, actually, a LOT of research, shopping for accessories, and looking over various combinations, Angela came up with this beautiful theme called “Adventure Awaits”. We’re SO excited to put this out there that we couldn’t wait for the client, a model to come along. We put the scenery together to show YOU, what it could look like.

We really hope you like it as much as we do.


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For session details and pricing information, please visit our investment page by clicking here. Once you’re ready, please follow through and email us with as much information as possible.