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Another day has passed and another graduation took place. Those who follow our social media feeds and blogs, know that I tend to get a bit sentimental when we are at graduation point. This is another one of those beautiful stories. As always, every journey starts at the newborn session, actually, it is a story in itself and we’ve written about it here. Once the excitement of newborn photography is settled, comes the next milestone – three months sessions.


Three Months Sessions consist of babies on their backs. Side note, even though these are twin sessions, we did take individual shots of the girls. However, for the purposes of this entry, we’re showing the girls together.

Watch Me Grow Photography, NYC baby photographer, three months laying in flowers

It is important to get the parents involved, not just behind the scenes but also in pictures. Makes the girls feel more comfortable and creates additional moments.

Watch Me Grow Photography, NYC baby photographer,

The main event of the three months session is the tummy-time and our girls rocked it.

Watch Me Grow Photography, NYC baby photographer


A few months later, the girls brought their parents for their 6-month session.

We started out with Tummy Time again. When we compare the two poses from previous sessions, it is very interesting to see how the girls grew up.

six months tummy time

The big milestone at the six months session is having babies sit. They did not disappoint in their sitting ability. As always, we tend to incorporate the seasons into the session and this being the holiday / new years time,

Watch Me Grow Photography, NYC baby photographer,

Watch Me Grow Photography, NYC baby photographer,

The Baby Yoga Pose, not the official name, is one of my favorites. We got 3/4 of it and it was great.

six months feet hands


During the nine months sessions, the girls weren’t too keen on standings. So guess what we did?

Watch Me Grow Photography, NYC baby photographer,

To keep the flower theme going, we gave the girls some flowers to play with. I love the serious looks. I believe they allow for the child’s personality to shine through.

nine months flowers setup

Happy Valentine’s Day – We just HAD TO 🙂 incorporate this holiday in the session.

nine months valentines day session

Watch Me Grow Clients, are bitter-sweet for me. It is a pleasure to see the little ones grow but it is also a moment of sadness when they are graduating from their first-year pictures. These little girls are no exception.

Graduation day came so quickly… felt like yesterday we were doing their newborn session and now we are doing the first birthday.

first birthday ONE

first birthday individual portraits

individual portraits first birthday


We ordered a customized pair of cakes for each other girls and they had a blast with it.
first birthday twins cake smash


In a very short year, we got to know these little girls, got to know their parents. It has been an honor and a pleasure to capture these special moments during this time.