6 Month Milestone Photography Session at Picture Perfect NY


Baby Nyla’s 6-Month Milestone Photography Session

One of the most thrilling and treasured experiences of parenthood is seeing your baby grow. After all, where does the time go?! Parents usually say “my baby was just born”. Can time stand still for a little bit? Well, we can only freeze a moment and moments with photography. That’s why I love my job so much!  Milestone sessions allow parents to document their child’s growth. Six-months-sessions are one of our favorite milestones to capture! What’s more adorable than to see a baby smile or give off an adorable expression? The best part is, that babies are the most genuine and innocent.  Of course, I can go on and on….. but let me present to you baby Nyla.
Nyla is a baby girl that came all the way from Philadelphia, PA to New York City to our Staten Island photography studio for her six-month milestone session. One of the things, I love about the 6-month milestone is how many little ones can do and there of course their curiosity for EVERYTHING. Nyla loved tummy time and also really enjoyed flipping side to side when she was placed on her back. She is just learning to sit and has not fully mastered it just yet. This is why it is so important that babies are spotted during a session for safety. We used a little bed and bench for props
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NYC milestone portrait session
Spring is finally in the air so we incorporated a spring-themed session and I just love how it turned out.
We really enjoy for parents to be part of the milestone sessions. Who better to make their little one smile than mom or dad?! Of course, grandma, grandpa, or even a sibling can’t always be present. In Nyla’s case, mom and dad did superbly! We were able to capture the most adorable expressions and smiles!
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How old should my baby be for a sitter milestone session?
Anywhere from 6-9 months is best. Once your baby starts showing interest in sitting or can sit for a few seconds independently. Of course, it is best to schedule in advance so we can ensure availability.
Some parents do the watch-me-grow plan with us and capture each milestone which would be the 9-10 months where little ones can stand holding on to an object for balance and of course the BIG ONE milestone which is the first birthday. Celebrated with a cake smash!
We always encourage parents to schedule any session with consideration of travel, baby’s nap time, and feeding time. A happy baby typically means a successful session! Not all babies are on a schedule and that’s OK but thinking about when your little one is most energetic and happy throughout the day is the best time to schedule the session.