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DIY Photography Prop

As photographers, we can never have enough props! Always looking for ideas, and inspiration, a trying to get creative!  With fall right around the corner, stores are getting in their fall-themed products while we prepare for our fall-themed sessions 🙂 For some, it’s still early to think about fall but we as photographers are already thinking about Christmas lol.  Our prop stash is always growing even though we do retire some of our props by selling them or giving them away something new always pops up, just a sight addiction 🙂

I always wanted a pumpkin princess carriage for all my little girls who come for my fall sessions but couldn’t find one exactly as I envisioned. Until I saw someone post that they purchased these pumpkin wreaths at a dollar store. With some inspiration and ideas, we decided to make one.   Soooooo, we took a trip to the local dollar store and picked up 2 pumpkin wreaths. Yes, the dollar stores carry seasonal items and you will be surprised what you can find there. Even though most are no longer a dollar, $1.25 is just as good 🙂 We also picked up 4 paper towel holders and a pack of zip ties.

How do you create a Princess Carriage prop for a photography session? This was the most amazing DIY we ever created as one of our props. Here is a step by step instructions for what we did…

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First, we took the paper towel holders, aligned them together, and zip-tied them. Axels are now done.
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Then, we cut a piece of wood that we had laying around into 7″ x 11″. You can make it any size you see fit to your needs. I found this site to be the best way to go as it allows enough foundation to be placed on top of the axles and gives a big enough base for my future decorations and yet is small enough so as not to overpower the rest of the design. I’ve drilled 4 holes in each corner.
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Took TWO pumpkin wreaths and aligned them onto my chassis. I then measured the length and width of what I wanted for my pumpkin by either placing the wreath on top of the chassis floor OR along the side of the chassis floor. We used the zip ties again, to tighten up all four corners. All the wreaths are not perfectly the same so the alignment won’t be perfect and that’s OK

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The last steps were: spray painting, and adding flowers and the final product is this unique prop that we are looking forward to using in our sessions. We spray-painted our gold and the options for decorating are endless…

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Overall, it takes about 40 mins to have the skeleton ready and as much time as you’d like for cosmetics for your DIY Photography Prop.