Boho First Trip Around the Sun – First Birthday Theme


First Birthday Theme – First Trip Around the Sun


Avery’s boho-inspired first birthday-themed First Trip Around the Sun portrait session with Picture Perfect NY photography studio. Mom and Dad had a vision of colors being neutral tones and different elements they wanted to be incorporated into the set. They sent us their inspiration photos and with a little brainstorming and finding the perfect backdrop for the main look everything came together. Really LOVE how it turned out and fits sweet Avery perfectly!

Picture Perfect NY, a renowned professional photography studio nestled in the vibrant heart of New York City, is known for capturing life’s most precious moments with creativity and finesse. In a unique and enchanting photoshoot theme, the studio invites you to embark on a whimsical journey as we celebrate a child’s first trip around the sun with a bohemian-inspired session. Join us as we delve into the captivating world of Picture Perfect NY and witness the magic unfold within their studio walls.

First Trip Around The Sun, first birthday photoshoot NYCThe professional photographers at Picture Perfect NY seamlessly merged the bohemian aesthetic with the tender moments of a child’s first year. Their expertise allowed them to capture the genuine wonder, innocence, and curiosity that radiate from the little one’s eyes during this significant milestone. Every click of the camera froze a moment in time, encapsulating the magic and joy experienced during a child’s first trip around the sun in Bohemian Vibe.

Bohemian Vibe and First Trip Around the Sun, first birthday photoshoot NYC

Within the studio, Picture Perfect NY strategically placed an array of handpicked props to enhance the bohemian aesthetic and enrich the storytelling experience.  Every prop served as a visual anchor, further accentuating the bohemian ambiance and allowing the family’s story to unfold.

Smirks in bohemian and first trip around the sun

Preserving the Precious Memories: After the bohemian-themed studio session, Picture Perfect NY meticulously selected and edited the images, transforming them into timeless pieces of art. The family has the option to receive a beautifully curated collection of photographs, elegantly displayed in an album or as individual prints. These tangible keepsakes become cherished heirlooms, forever capturing the spirit of the child’s first trip around the sun and serving as a constant reminder of the love and joy shared during the session.

First Trip Around the Sun with Bohemian

Picture Perfect NY, renowned for its expertise and creativity, beautifully captured the essence of a child’s first trip around the sun in a bohemian-themed photography session. Through their meticulous attention to detail, the talented photographers transformed a simple outdoor location into a magical setting. The images captured during this extraordinary photoshoot will forever be treasured by the family.  Contact us to plan your family’s next photoshoot and follow along on Instagram.

Cute Smirk with First Trip Around the sun