Cake Smash Photography: Capturing Your Baby’s First Birthday


Cake smash photography is a popular trend for capturing a baby’s first birthday milestone. It involves setting up a photo shoot where the baby is encouraged to play and smash a small cake. This type of photography aims to capture the joy, curiosity, and messy fun that comes with a baby exploring and interacting with their birthday cake.

Picture Perfect NY, New York’s top photography portrait studio is known for its expertise in cake smash photography. They specialize in creating beautiful and memorable images that showcase the baby’s personality and capture the essence of this special milestone.

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When booking a cake smash photography session with Picture Perfect NY, you can expect the following:

  1. Consultation: Before the session, you’ll have a consultation with the photographer to discuss your vision, preferences, and any specific ideas you may have. They will also provide guidance on styling, props, and outfits.
  2. Set design: The studio will create a custom-designed set that suits your preferences and the theme of the session. This can include colorful backdrops, decorations, and props to enhance the overall look and feel.
  3. Cake selection: You can either provide your own cake or opt for Picture Perfect NY to arrange a cake for the session. They can help you choose a cake that complements the theme and colors of the set.
  4. Photography session: On the day of the session, the photographer will create a comfortable and playful environment for your baby. They will capture candid moments as the baby interacts with the cake, ensuring to document their reactions, expressions, and messy fun.
  5. Professional editing: After the session, the photographer and post-production team will carefully edit the selected images from the shoot. They will enhance the colors, adjust lighting, and make any necessary retouches to ensure the final pictures are stunning.
  6. Presentation and product options: Picture Perfect NY offers a variety of presentation options for your cake smash photos, such as prints, albums, gallery wraps, acrylic prints, wooden products, and of course, digital formats. They can guide you in selecting the best way to showcase and preserve your precious memories.

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It’s important to note that specific details, pricing, and availability may vary. To get accurate and up-to-date information about the services offered by Picture Perfect NY, it’s best to visit their official website and/or contact them directly. Let’s plan your baby’s first birthday photoshoot now.

flower themed cake smash face first into the cake