Cake Smash Photography – Picture Perfect NY New York City Maternity, Baby and Newborn Photography Fri, 17 Jan 2020 01:57:23 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Teddy Bear Picnic Themed First Birthday Photoshoot Fri, 17 Jan 2020 01:57:23 +0000 We first met this little guy at our Holiday ExtravagaBalooza or whatever those three days were… three days of non-stop meeting new people, smiling, laughing and capturing special holidays memories. Johnny was amazing, that I ever wrote it in bold letters. His parents decided to give it another go for his first birthday session.

Mommy chose Teddy Bead Picnic theme. Although we have a lot of different themes and backgrounds, we do encourage families for something unique and special… we’ll gladly do it if it is plausible and this Little Bear was one of those plausible. I got to the studio about 2.5 hrs before the actual session. If  Angela and I were there together, getting to the studio an hour before would have been more then sufficient but when I go alone, I like extra extra time. And started setting up, piece by piece, detail by detail. Once the set was ready to go, I got the camera out, got lights on and started playing with lights and settings and see what I can do unique for this session. Finally, I look at the clock and I have over an hour to wait – ok so it’s a new theme and I was nervous that would need extra time; better be over prepared then under.

Finally, our model arrived. Mommy chose the mini session, of just Johnny alone, she also baked her own cake. C’mon, if you’re bringing your own cake, you have to bring tea & coffee. We started with pre-cake, clean images

manhattan ny cake smash photographer

manhattan ny newborn photographer

After few minutes of getting AWESOME shots, we introduced the cake and this dude RIPPED through it like a hungry bulldozer.

manhattan ny first birthday photographer

manhattan ny baby photographer

It’s rare to see little kids going To ToooWN on the cake like this, but he did and I couldn’t be more happier to have our studio participate in this occasion and capture these special moments for the family. Thank You SO MUCH for choosing Picture Perfect NY. We had a B L A S T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cake Smash Photography Packages | Picture Perfect NY Mon, 24 Jun 2019 15:39:25 +0000 Cake Smash Photography Bayside New York

Ellen first reached out to us back in March to schedule her daughters cake smash session and wanted to do it around her Birthday which was in May. It was such a compliment to us when we learned that she was referred to us by her co-worker who has used our photography services. We began planning her little Ashley’s cake smash session by discussing dates, times that would work best for her schedule and themes. We had some time for planning so that is always helpful.

Cake smash Photography for Girls

Mom wasn’t sure what theme she wanted for Ashley’s first birthday pictures, so I directed her to our cake smash gallery on our site as well as our social media pages for some inspiration.  She choose one of our most requested scenes for girls and its one of my favorites as well! It has some soft pinks,creams, and a hint of gold color. We always ask for parents to email the outfit the baby will will wear for the session just so we can help parents coordinate to a theme or make sure it goes well with what they have chosen.  Her outfit matched perfectly! Mom decided that she was going to bring her own cake, we do have the option of order one for parents if they would like. It is very important to have the cake match with the scene as fare as for colors and size. The setup, outfit, and cake all have to come together!

Cake smash Photography Details

Anytime we have a cake smash session I always get a little nervous on how baby will react to the cake. Some babies dive in head first, hand first and some are some just crawl away from it. Its always a surprise what they will do, we hope for the first two option 🙂 This is one of the reasons we do give parents some preparation details before their session so they are prepared. Ashley completely rocked her session! We started out with some family portraits with mom, dad, big brother, followed by her pre- cake smash portraits, intrduced the cake to her in which she was very accepting to, and last but not least her bath after smash. You can view some sneak peaks from her session bellow.

Booking Your cake smash Photography session

If you’re baby in turning ONE soon, I recommend you schedule an appointment early enough so we have time for some planning, especially if your looking for something specific.  Have any questions? or would like to start planning your babies session, please contact me here

Cake Smash Photography Packages | Picture Perfect NYCake Smash Photography Packages | Picture Perfect NYCake Smash Photography Packages | Picture Perfect NYCake Smash Photography Packages | Picture Perfect NYCake Smash Photography Packages | Picture Perfect NYCake Smash Photography Packages | Picture Perfect NY

Cake Smash Mini Session Tue, 28 May 2019 21:57:18 +0000 Over the last 10 years, cake smash sessions have become ever so popular. Although there are many DIY advices out there, at the end of the day, if want to get things right, hire someone who specializes at it. We offer two types of packages for cake smash.

The mom for this little girl, went with a mini session. Mini Cake smash session are designed to concentrate soley on the baby. We recommend to do a pre-cake smash/cake smash combo, where we introduce the cake to the baby, get variety of clean shots with Main Theme and then introduce the cake. Since most one year olds are afraid of the cake and show it in one form or another, having the clean shots gives us an ability to have something from the session.

This little one, did BETTER then just something.

I LOVE this shot, when I saw this facial expression, I KNEW this session would be a success 🙂

Cake Smash Mini Session | Brooklyn NYC Portrait Studio

Cake Smash Mini Session | Brooklyn NYC Portrait Studio

Cake Smash Mini Session | Brooklyn NYC Portrait Studio

Cake Smash Mini Session | Brooklyn NYC Portrait Studio

Cake Smash Mini Session | Brooklyn NYC Portrait Studio


Smash Cake Photography NYC Wed, 03 Oct 2018 14:10:38 +0000 Brooklyn, New York, home of Bensonhurst Blues lol by Oscar Brenton and it is also home of Picture Perfect NY. We have people coming to us from all boroughs of NYC, Rockland County, Yonkers, New Jersey and Connecticut. We even have few clients who come to us from Massachusetts, Pennsylvanian and California. However, this is the first & we are honored.  Aiden, came to us from Europe, Germany to be exact. His mom is a member of US Armed forces and on top of being honored to be visited by them all the way from the other side of Atlantic Ocean, we are very thankful for her services in protecting the world from evil.

Mom found us via Google, while in Germany, she said that reviews were helpful. They were planning a trip to visit family and decided to have a session with us while visiting. We communicated over emails, prepared for the session and were ready to do on the day of 🙂

There’s a saying “if you early, you’re on time; if you’re on time, you’re late”, Aiden was early-on time :).


nyc first birthday cake smashsmash cake photography nyc

smash cake photography nyc

Harry the Bunny | NYC First Birthday Photographer | Cake Smash Session Mon, 09 Jul 2018 04:09:18 +0000 About two months ago, a young lady called me to ask about the cake smash session for her son. She wanted to get general information, the price, etc. Her theme for her sons cake smash was Harry The Bunny. I have four kids of various age groups. My older two get a kick out slime and/or play-by-play videos from you tube, and younger two are still entering the cartoon age. I know Dora the Explorer, Mickey Mouse Club House, Sesame Street,etc…. !, but Harry the…. who???

This is where I ask the mighty google search engine – Who is Harry the Bunny? LOL I did a little research into the topic, we touched base again and scheduled the session. Normally, I like to plan for my sessions, prepare for them and eliminate as many variables as possible and hope that the young model, will do great; in this case, with short notice session, I really didn’t have much time to prepare but was willing to work with these wonderful parents, because number one, they were very nice and number two, they had many props for the scene already as they were preparing for a Birthday party (like I mentioned earlier, I like to prepare for my sessions). I still did my trips to pick up few things and make few props for the setup.

They arrived on time, while one of the parents was filling out the paperwork, we added last minute personal – Harry the Bunny – props and were ready to go. Like all First Birthday Full Sessions, there are four components to it. Did I mention yet that Josiah was amazing to begin with? If not, then he was AMAZING.

We started out with royal blue and gold Mr. ONEderful royal scene. His parents mentioned that he was typically a serious little guy but he gave me some great smiles which made my day for sure!!

Baby First Birthday Shoot NYC

When Josiah first started smiling, I knew that he will rock his session.

For the second scene, we did the Harry the Bunny scene but without the cake at first. Many babies just don’t like cake, go figure! Just to be on the safe side we took some pre-cake smash images in case the little guy would not be all into it.

Baby First Birthday Shoot NYC

Josiah didn’t disappoint us at all. After few minutes here, we introduced the beautiful Harry the Bunny themed cake his aunt made for him.  It went perfectly with the entire scene.

Baby First Birthday Shoot NYCStill not sure it was delicious?

harry the bunny cake smash photographer

Baby First Birthday Shoot NYC

Baby First Birthday Shoot NYC

Josiah, proved few points to us and his parents. First and foremost, cake was delicious (keyword, was). Second, he loved the cake and third, he has no problems getting down and dirty to get the job done 🙂

After quick wash down, we proceeded to the forth part of the full cake smash session, and that is the bath time.

Baby First Birthday Shoot NYC

Josiah didn’t disappoint us at all and continued giving us amazing smiles.

We had a great time photographing this little guy and learned a new cartoon that I can show my kids.



Asabikeshiinh | Dreamcatcher | Smash Cake Photography New York City Thu, 14 Jun 2018 02:19:44 +0000 Don’t let someone else live your dream. Be an Asabikeshiinh, be a dreamcatcher and live your dream!!! It is, perhaps, every parents’ wish, for their child to live their dream and achieve life’s ambitions.

We love to do something different. This session, was along those lines. Mommy reached out to us requesting specific cake smash theme. Since the time was on our side, we researched the origins of dreamcatcher and how/why it has been used. It is a protective symbol, coming from word inanimate-spider that is woven into web-like patterns and has been used by Native Americans in the northern tribes. To go along with patterns and theme, we felt and that adding similar colors to match the background would further enhance the scenery. Next, we had a custom designed cake made. Our cakes are small enough for the session and do not power the baby yet, they are big enough to look good in pictures. The last component, was our model.

She did a wonderful job during her session. She had her cake, enjoyed it, smirked few times and was lady-like gentle with her food.  Overall, we enjoyed a lot researching, setting up this scene and finally working with model that wanted to pose for us and make her parents happy.

Are you interested in having a custom smash cake session taken in the greater New York City (NYC) area? Contact us today for more information! We look forward to hearing from you!

Dreamcatcher | Smash Cake New York CityDreamcatcher | Smash Cake New York CityDreamcatcher | Smash Cake New York CityDreamcatcher | Smash Cake New York CityDreamcatcher | Smash Cake New York City

Abigail’s 2nd Birthday Cake Smash Session Fri, 27 Apr 2018 01:54:39 +0000 Second Birthday Portrait Session

Its never to late to do a Cake smash session for your little one! This is exactly what Abigail’s mom decided to do for her. When her mom reached out and ask if we only do First Birthday cake smashes, I replied “of course not”. Since Abigail’s birthday falls during spring time, a spring themed session was the perfect option for her. The backdrop we used featured flowers in all colors and gave it a rustic feel. Mom decided to bring her own cake to the session and add the TWO sign for a special touch. We do offer the option to order a custom cake if clients choose to.

NYC Cake Smash Photography Session

We never really know how a child will react to a cake even if they have tried some in the past. It was a great option that her parents opted to do pre cake smash portraits before introducing the cake. Abigail was not to interested in smashing the cake or even eating it. She really enjoyed playing with the props around her such as the little wagon, flowers, and chair. She was so distracted by it all she even kept her heir piece on the entire time which was a surprise for her parents. Mom was very worried about how the session would go because she said Abigail doesn’t sit in one place, well we certainly didn’t expect her to! She did some posing of her own for us as well as some dancing 🙂 Here is a sneak peak from her session with us! Interested in learning more or ready to schedule a portrait session with us? Contact us now.

NYC Cake Smash Photography SessionNYC Cake Smash Photography SessionNYC Cake Smash Photography Session

My Continued Growth as a Photographer Sun, 25 Feb 2018 02:30:58 +0000 A Continued Journey

As a photographer, artist, and business owner, I have learned that a professional should never stop growing. Though I have been a newborn photographer for many years, there are always new things to learn, new creations to create, and new opportunities to grow.

Throughout my career, I have taken steps to ensure that I am staying up to date with the latest trends. These trends include new ways to pose newborns, new possible cake smash ideas, and new ways to create art behind my camera.

As a photographer, I always ensure that my art is just that. I want to have the creativity be in the plan behind my lens, not in post editing. My photography style is natural, so I want to bring in new ways to be creative on site. This includes new backdrops, new props, new skills I learn to pose children and newborns, and of course critiquing my photography skills behind camera.

Workshops & Classes

As part of my urge to grow as an artist and business owner, I have taken multiple classes in the past few years. I try and take one class every year so that I can stay in tune with my growth.

Sandra Hill Photography 2:1 Workshop- 2016

-As seen from her website and her work, Sandra Hill specializes in fine art portraiture with newborns. She is very skilled and experienced in both posing and techniques behind the camera. Through her workshop, I learned more about how she poses newborns to get the best photos, as well as tips on how to improve my images in camera.

Sunkissed Photography of Kristin Mackey, 2:1 Workshop- 2014 & 2015

-Kristin Mackey was voted Tulsa’s number one newborn photographer. Through her mentoring workshop, I was able to privately work with her posing newborns, swaddling techniques, photography techniques during the session, post-processing, and business mentoring as well.


Through my workshops and classes I have done thus far, they have only motivated me further to stay in touch with growing myself and my business. At Picture Perfect NY, I want you to know you and your child(ren) are always in the best hands. My first concern is always safety, and I am constantly taking classes, reading, and learning about new trends and ways to improve my art.

I hope to see you soon!


Emma’s Unicorn Cake Smash Session Thu, 01 Feb 2018 01:58:33 +0000 cake smash photographer near me

Our Unicorn Cake Smash Session

Sometimes when clients come into the studio for their session, they decide to do multiple themes. Miss Emma decided to do just this. Her session spanned from unicorns to princesses, giving us a great variety of pictures for her and her family.

The unicorn cake smash was actually an idea that mom brought to the table. She saw a really adorable unicorn cake and knew immediately that this is what she wanted as a theme for Emma’s cake smash!

cake smash photographer near me

When setting up our unicorn cake smash session, we used blue, pink, and purple primarily. These colors can be seen throughout the poofs, the decorative clouds, the flooring, and even the backdrop which also features colorful clouds.

As an accent color, we decided to accent the cake with a hint of gold, giving the eyebrows and unicorn horn gold dust. The backdrop also featured golden rain dripping down from the water-colored clouds.

To make the number stand out from the floor, we decided that a pink ONE sign would look great against the bright purple flooring. The coral color of the pink ONE sign nicely blended in with the clouds on the backdrop as well.

cake smash photographer near me

Our Princess Photo Session

Before our play-date with a yummy cake shaped like a unicorn, Emma decided to dress up and play princess. She wore a fluffy pink dress with a golden crown upon her head. The golden crown was sparkly and lined with pink and yellow roses.

Emma’s dress was lined at the bottom with delicate pink lace and had a large bow on the back! The top of her dress was made of thicker lace, which also formed the bow. She chose to wear white tights with her dress and golden cat shoes as well.

To decorated the set, we used a pink fur rug and placed a white couch to the right. A vase of pink flowers was set in front of the couch, and the backdrop featured a soft pink with words gently written across it.

After our cake smash was a different story. Emma enjoyed her cake so much that she needed a bath! So, mom thought it would be cute to do a bath time photo session. We used a variety of flowers for the backdrop and had a printed metal tub for Emma to sit inside.

cake smash photographer near me

Why Our Long Session Went Perfectly

Kids are kids, right? You never know if they’re going to love taking pictures or if they may hate it. It’s really hard to know what you’re going to get. You may be wondering how we got this extensive session done with so many different scenes. It’s also convenient having a studio, especially when it’s snowing here in New York City, as this makes it easy to switch between themes.

This entire session was very carefully planned, down to the hour we started. You see, it’s very very important that you set the session around the baby’s best time. If a session is during nap time for example, they will be more likely to cry and not want their pictures taken.

When planning your session, keep in mind what times of the day your baby is most awake and lively! For help on planning your session, contact me here.


cake smash photographer near mecake smash photographer near me


Camping / Blue & White Themed One Year Cake Smash Fri, 26 Jan 2018 23:46:27 +0000 nyc cake smash photography

Our Camping Adventure

What has red, black, and screams Lumberjack? Our awesome camping cake smash theme!

Decorated with red and black plaid, our tent, flags, and even our arrow, this set is to die for. Our backdrop we chose for this session features water-colored woods, among the midst of our wooden logs, lantern, tent, and little campfire.

When the parents brought me the idea of a campsite photo session, I was all for it. How cool is it to have pictures done among the woods without having to worry about the outdoor conditions? With the comfort of our NYC studio, you can bring the entire camping adventure indoors.

For this session, mom and dad decided to dress up their little one in jeans and a plaid shirt to match our camping theme. They even gave him cute little brown moccasins to wear.

But this cute little cake smash didn’t take up all of our time together. The second part of our birthday celebration consisted of a cake smash of course!

nyc cake smash photography

Our Blue & White Cake Smash

As all cake smashes start, the baby gets used to the cake and starts out fairly clean. For this blue and white cake smash, we decided on a very simple but cute layout. Our backdrop and flooring was grey, decorated with white and blue puffs, as well as a banner, large number one, balloons, and a huge cake!

For this part of the session, the parents decided on a navy blue jumper with a cute little hat and bow tie.

Our cake was made with buttercream swirl and ranged in color from sea blue to white at the very top of the cake.

nyc cake smash photography

Soon after exploring the cake, the babe dug right in!! He shoved his hands into the top of the cake, smearing frosting on his face and enjoying the sweet taste of buttercream.

Usually babes are timid to explore their cake, but not him! He loved ripping his cake apart and letting it get all over him and the floor.

Soon, he was stuffing his face with the yummy cake and showing it off to the camera! It was absolutely adorable and such a fun thing to capture.

nyc cake smash photography

If your babe wants to dig into a yummy birthday cake, contact me to set up your custom cake session!